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For Sale:
JVC s500 with ws55 pads! perfect :)

Will Ship To: usa

These are the gun metal s500 have not been used outside ever.
They are as new and were only burned in at moderate volume simultaneously with my es10 at the time,
With a radio playing on z100 for about 7days straight.
I believe a realistic burn in process involving speech and breaks in sound so there is no problem with stressing out or overheating voice coils.
I was initially quite impressed and amazed at the sound as they are direct competition with the major portables like m80 or senn25,
Yet now I have even more expensive cans so these just stayed in the box!
They are in pristine condition with new ws55pads!
Up for a lucky owner and to finish the recommended burn in on a jvc with nanotube driver is well over 100hours.
So what you get is:
New ws55 pads! Rated best sound for s500