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closed headphones:denon or ...?

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Hi guys, I want to ask you for a help. I´m searching for a a closed headphones around 150€ for home listening without disturbing my girlfriend :D. I prefer various kind of rock and artrock.

I could try and compare Denon HP 500 and HP 700. I like heights of HP500 and Basses of HP 700. Is there a possibility to buy something what sounds like a mixture of these headphones? I found 4 possible candidates:Denon DN HP 1000,Shure SRH840, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro and Audio- Technica ATH-M50 but I have no possibility to try them. Which one should be the right choice for me? I´m totally new in headphones = all advices are very welcome and appreciated. Thanx a lot. :D

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I would give the Philips Cityscape Downtown a listen to.  I own a pair of Denon AH-D2000 headphones and find the Philips more fun sounding and more detailed than the Denon.  They are made well, sound awesome, and can be found for $50 new.  Seriously give them a try especially if you can amp them.

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Wow, it sounds interesting, thank you for advice.I was able to spend 150€ for a good sound and price of Philips is surprisingly low.: are they really good? :)

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I say go with the denons
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anyone else? no other advices?

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Hmm, I would take SRH-840 over ATH-M50! However, There is a lot more better headphones if you are looking for fun sounding headphone for rocks. One of My favorite, HD439 XD If not, UE6000. I love MDR-7506 for rocks but since you are looking for some bass, then it's not what you will appriciate.

Billson XD
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Look no further than Soundmagic hp100!! their sound compares to 400 dollar headphones....  Real nice and smooth with a good amount of detail.

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Thank you very much for your opinion. I like basses, but not over all: HP 700s had had nice basses for me, but highs had been sounded like "wrapped into some kind of cover" = a bit suppressed for me, in comparison with HP 500s. :)
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If you prefer small dimensions another great option would be Beyerdynamic DTX501p. A little bit dark treble (relative to midrange) but very good sound quality in the opinion of all reviewers on the net!

Good Luck!

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Thank you very much for your help, guys. Appreciate it! Thank you.

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