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I bought them off amazon. Fortunately the seller was kind, and when I explained to them that I had kept the box and packing material in perfect condition they offered a 15% restocking fee instead of 25%. So it turns out I made decent recovery on it after all. 

If you buy used at a good price you can usually recover all the cost if you dont like the sound. Try the B/S forum but make sure you don't send payment as gift and the seller has feedback on here.

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I was just b/sing myself about not wanting to do headphone shopping anymore. I learned a bit about what I want in headphones.



Comfort is paramount because I listen to music all day. I want to know the options for amplified and unamplified. Over ear, open or closed is fine, as long as it sounds really good. On ear isn't an option.


Build quality - As long as it doesn't break if I accidentally sit on it I'll be fine. 


My drivers - iPod Classic 160 gig (my main unit of music playing), iPod Touch, iPhone 3g. 


Isolation - not a big concern, because these will be for around the house, and maybe a little on the go use.


My sound signature (this is where I'm just guessing what I want) - I want a good sound stage and accuracy. I want to hear all the instruments separately and can handle anything I throw at it that doesn't sound muddy or congested. Here's my last fm http://www.last.fm/user/metaldiscussor. You can see I have over 800 artists I listen to, but mostly metal.


This time I'll take better care, and more time before making a decision. This is how I should have started this thread. 


I made some... modifications... with a saw, on my Go-Dap GD-03. It works on my iPod classic now. So I guess that would expand my headphone options.


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