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FiiO E7 vs Schiit Magni?

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Ok guys, my current rig is as follows

Laptop -> FiiO E7 -> Beyerdynamic DT770 (80 Ohm version)

The FiiO is new, and definitely still returnable. My question is thus...

The Shiit Magni is a dedicated amplifier, whereas the FiiO E7 is DAC/Amp combined. I understand that the Magni is a much better amp, but since I don't have the cash for the Modi (DAC), should I just stick with the FiiO? Or is having an external DAC inconsequential enough that I would benefit from having a higher quality Amp? I wont be taking the FiiO with me anywhere, so portability is a non-issue.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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No Dice?


Do I need to provide more info?

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In your case I would keep the E7 and save to upgrade later on, even schiit's next tier. If that's what you want.


With the danger of ticking off schiit fans, there have been various QA issues with the magni/modi. 

Also, It wasn't hard to see them on sale from people wanting to upgrade right after they came out.


PS. I do like their products, I just bought some of their stuff myself.

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The E5/6/7 is a cute toy amp, but the Schiit stuff should bring out more of what your DT770 can do.

I would save up, upgrade to a desktop amp and use the E7 with the FiiO line-out adapter designed for it to bypass the amp section and use just the DAC, then later replace the E7 with a better DAC.

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So it turns out my FiiO is defective, so I'm returning it. I'll pick up Magni, and shell out for Modi when I have the cash. It seems like a DAC is the least important item when it comes to audio setups, so I think I can live with a solo amp for now. Thanks for the help guys.
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Magni over the E7, no contest. If you can scrape the money together the Asgard 2 is even better!

I think you'll find that dealing with Schiit as a company is much better than with FiiO too. Jason will get back to you almost immediately. I've even had questions I sent on Saturday night answered with incredible detail at 6 o'clock on a Sunday morning.
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Save up for better equipment. 

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