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Previously I had the good fortune of living very close to a particular audio retailer in St Louis Park, MN... but I have recently moved to the Washington DC area for a new gig at Sirius XM.  I have become interested in Headphone amplification and this site has provided tremendous amounts of data and recommendations. for me to follow. (thanks for that!!)


I would like to get validation on my experience at JS Audio in Bethesda, MD - as I felt comfortable talking with the sales rep and they seem like a "stand-up" type of company - but, since I am a newb in HiFi, I want validation that I was pointed in the right direction.


My setup was a fairly new Mac Book Pro with Sennheiser HD380 Pro cans.  I do IT work at XM and I am probably under the cans more than the folks in broadcast ;-) and so I started to wonder what my options were.  I decided a headphone amp and possibly a DAC were a good place to start.

I searched for Audio retailers near DC and initially I was disappointed at how many options that were easily found.  I drove to JS Audio and was surprised at the wide range of the price of the equipment they had in the store.  I was a bit worried since I was looking at a $300 DAC sitting beside $2000 headphones.  However, Jason was extremely helpful and excited to show me the gear and my worries subsided.


After explaining that I listen to mostly MP3 music (Indy and 90's alternative) on my computer hard drive that I ripped at 192k - Jason recommended the Meridian Explorer.  


So - based on what my music source is and the cans I will be using, was the Meridian a good recommendation?  He mentioned another device (that he did not carry) and recommended that I give that a listen as well.  He said he was confident that the Meridian was a superior product. 

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