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Hey all! 


Would just like to say thank you to everyone I spoke to and let me use their equipment! I'm very new to all this and it was my first meet, it was very enjoyable! Thanks to GSARider, Sennheiser and Custom-Cables for organising such a great event. Also to my girlfriend, who was dragged around not really knowing what was going on!


Picked up a pair of HD650's. Though after listening to the HD800 and the PS1000..atsmile.gif ..maybe after I finish university! Now to look for an affordable amp..though leaning towards Fiio E12.





Chris k701smile.gif

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I'll add my photo dump here as well. :)



















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Absolutely awesome meet!


A real credit to sennheiser, the organisers and all attendees. Also great to meet jude and others that I've great respect for, for all the effort and passion they have put in to spreading the word globally about this hobby.


Definitely looking forward to the next meet which I'm sure will be as wonderfully organised, grand and immensely useful as this one. 

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This was the first larger-scale head-fi meet I have attended and I thoroughly enjoyed it - what a great event! I had a wonderful time interacting with many people and putting faces to a few head-fi names/avatars. It's a privilege to share some highlights of my experience at the meet: 


The event was held in a large room in London's Russel Hotel and I estimate about 100 people were in attendance, many of them with their head-fi rigs to share. 




I had lots of fun listening and was pleasantly surprised with some equipment that I'd never heard before, and even equipment I had heard before but heard in a new way at the meet. I brought along my Sennheiser Amperior and the MOMENTUM headphones which I enjoyed sharing with some people who hadn't heard them.






The table of event sponsor's Sennheiser displayed the new Club Orpheus range of products and the very headphone that inspired it all, the one and only Orpheus. It was a pleasure to hear such a prestigious headphone again, and just like the first time I heard it, I got goosebumps when listening. 






I enjoyed hearing the HDVD 600 and in the brief time I did I was very impressed. With the HDVD 600, the HD 800 - the headphone the HDVD 600 was primarily designed for - was very neutral sounding and exhibited nicely-rounded, very clear treble and some warmth in the bass region. The new balanced cable for the HD 800 (shown on the left of the stock cable in the pic below) was quite beautiful and something I'm excited to hear more of. 





I listened to the HD 700 again and heard the IE 800 for the first time. The latter proved to be one of the most refined sounding IEMs I have yet heard. It sounded great even straight from my iPhone, though a higher quality player/source would be my preference for the IE 800 if I ever own one.


Axel Grell


I was thrilled to meet Axel Grell, Sennheiser's product manager and the designer of many Sennheiser products including their flagship HD 800 headphone. Axel was very friendly and generously answered the questions I asked him.




I was fascinated listening to his talk about the Club Orpheus range and enjoyed checking out some components of the HD 800 that he passed around the table. Axel is a man of vision and it was a treat to hear him go into detail about the meticulous creation of the HD 800 and IE 800, and also his opinions on topics including burn-in, binaural sound, balanced cables, listening volume, his favourite recordings.   




Custom Cable


The ever-friendly Custom Cable were at the meet and had some nice head-fi gear on hand including one of my all-time favourite headphones, the Sennheiser HD600, which I eagerly picked up for a listen when I saw one on their stand. It was plugged into the awesome Resonessence Labs Invicta DAC/Amp, which I have tried before, and again it amazed me. The wonderful natural and neutral sound of the HD600 was given extra support and drive from the Invicta, and I got the feeling that this is a rig I could listen to for every at-home/main rig head-fi purpose and enjoy it immensely.




Custom Cable also had a Fururtech cable for the Sennheiser HD series which added added some bass depth and treble sparkle to the HD 600 and HD 650. I'd say it's worth a look for anyone seeking an alternative to the HD series stock cable.


Toxic Cables


On another cable-related note, Frank from Toxic cables was also present at the show though I didn't meet him. Frank's cables are excellent and I definitely recommend giving them a listen if you are investigating aftermarket cable options.


Stax and stats


Head-fier Shipsupt generously shared from his collection of stats including various Stax models and the Sennheiser HE-60. When I spoke about my surprise at the HD600/Invicta combo I had just heard, Shipsupt spoke from his experience that from all the headphones on the market, it's a wonder why people ever deviated from the HD600, such an undisputed classic of the headphone world. 


That said, I can see why many of the Stax stats are also considered classics. This meet was the first time I had heard any of the Stax models Shipsupt provided and I found that they all exhibited an enjoyably light yet-warm overall sound with the majority of them having very smooth treble that sounded brighter than natural. If you get a chance I highly recommend giving the Stax headphone range a listen.




Custom Cans


Custom Cans showed up with some customised (and brightly coloured) Sennheiser HD 25 headphones and the Beyerdynamic DT1350 (more on that later) as well as some aftermarket cables, which I enjoyed trying and recommend as a tweak to the stock sound of the headphones they cater for. 






Amongst the headphones I had never tried before were some offerings from BeyerDynamic, namely the DT 770 Limited Edition and the DT 1350:


The standard DT 770 Pro, which I have heard before, had a warmly clear sound with gentle PRaT that have found enjoyable each time I've listened with it. The DT 770 Limited Edition on hand was a headphone I'd wanted to try since seeing it reviewed online and it was a nice surprise to hear. The LE had more sheen on the treble than the standard DT 770 and overall a very clear sound but I preferred the sound of the music I listened to with the standard DT 770 Pro.


Hearing the DT 1350 for the first time was a treat and one of the highlights of this meet for me. I loved it's clear treble presentation and controlled-yet-deep sounding bass. Comparing it with my Amperior, I found that the DT1350 portrayed more detail and clarity than the Amperior did, though I found the the DT 1350 to have slightly heady and nasal-feeling mids that were still very enjoyable to hear and feel. The DT1350's bass sounded well-defined and tighter than the boomier bass of the Amperior I am used to, which though less revealing is still very fun.




Zenpunk was on hand with an impressive rig including the HiFiMAN HE-6 and the Sennheiser HD 700.




I enjoyed losing my HE-6 virginity with his rig and very much liked what I heard. The HE-6 on this setup had a natural sound w/ nice softly-visceral bass, similar to the HE-500's sound. I found the treble of the HE-6 to be a little shiny at times, but it was clearly evident to me why it is considered one of the premier flagship headphones available today. It's a crystal clear sounding listen that with a powerful enough rig to drive with will be a stellar-sounding experience.




The last rig I listened to at the meet was one of the best-sounding I had ever heard. It was a closed-back Ultrasone headphone used in combo with a the Sonosax SX-DA2 and fed by an iriver player.




This rig had an amazing sound that was very clean and clear with a lovely, perfect tonal balance that I did not find fault with. The deep bass and a slightly warm sound was a delightful experience.


In closing, I'd like to thanks GSARider for organizing this event, Sennheiser for sponsoring it, and all in attendance including Jude (who travelled to the UK to attend this meet), the man who started this head-fi community, the man without whom this meet wouldn't have happened. 





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Many thanks GSARider for organising such a high class and impressive event! I thought you looked like a real pro with your camera setup and Amperiors smile.gif The venue was amazing and the refreshments a real luxury. Thanks too to Sennheiser for funding it, their stand was very impressive also.


My head-fi rig these day comprises mainly just the JH-13s so I was looking to try some DAPs and portable amps/DACs. I gave the AK100 a good listen and I was very impressed. The bottom end had more impact and the detail and soundstage were increased. Seriously thinking about getting one, especially given the event discount. It's compact size, easy to use interface and storage capabilities could make it a great portable source.


I only got one photo at the event L3000.gif




It was a treat to meet the father of Head-Fi himself, very friendly and did a great job announcing the raffle winners! Thanks for coming to London Jude!

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Had an awesome time at the meet and big thanks to GSARider for organising it and gutted I could not stay until the end. It is the first time I have been to something like this and was a bit worried I would be out of my depth but everyone was really helpful and friendly and I learnt a hell of a lot from the experts on hand. Best day out I'v had in a long time and if I get to come to the next one I will have to up my game and bring some better toys with me for people to play with.

Thanks again to everyone for a great day

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Originally Posted by jr41 View Post

Many thanks GSARider for organising such a high class and impressive event! I thought you looked like a real pro with your camera setup and Amperiors smile.gif



I know, I fooled everyone...biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by GSARider View Post



I know, I fooled everyone...biggrin.gif


LOL :)

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I'd like to extend my thanks to all those involved in putting on such a great event.  Great atmosphere, everyone was really friendly and I got to try out phones that I doubt I would otherwise get to hear.  Thanks to the guy with the T1, LCD2 Head-fi gear let me play Black Sabbath .


I was really impressed with the HD800 and the T1

You're welcome. It's always great to meet music enthusiasts, which in the end is what this hobby is all about.


Originally Posted by headinclouds View Post


It was great to meet up with pals from previous meets and to make new friends.


Particularly good to meet shipsupt and hear just some of his wonderful  kit, and Mr Q with HE-6 and Hifiman amp sounding splendid.


Great day - well done all round!

It was good to see you again. Your self made KGSS? was very impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing your next iteration.



Originally Posted by Alan Sircom View Post

Congratulations to all, 


This was a very 'amateur' show, in the right way (as in, the way the Olympics used and ought to be), but it's also great that the good spirit extends to not killing and eating the professionals who also attended. Friendly and impassioned is a good way to do these things. 


For the record, the stench of the professional is impossible to remove, and here's my bit:


The great thing about this for me is the feeling of being completely and utterly out of my depth in a section of a business I've been involved with for decades. I know for some journos that's an admission they could never make, but it's sometimes great to feel like a stranger in a strange land.


Here's to the next one!

LOL fame at last.tongue.gif


Big thanks to Nadeem for putting this event together. It was good to meet some old regulars and new faces. The most impressive table of the meet for me was Shipsupt's beerchug.gif I'm going to have to up my game next time.

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If anyone left a USB stick of music on my table (the one next to swimsonny's) PM me with it's size and colour and your address and I'll get it in the post!


For now I'd just like to add my thanks to GSARider, Sennsheiser and Custom Cable for organising this meet and to all the friendly people I spoke to and whose gear I borrowed.  I'll write some more later smily_headphones1.gif

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I put my pics on Flickr here - you can view them in higher res than photobucket.


Wish I'd taken more now. A few came out okay, the rest are blergh. I did get a pic with Jude as well, and I know he has one of me on his camera haha, so I look forward to seeing his shots. He took one of my MG6Pros too which I can't wait to use in my profile.

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awesome meet.

i hope next year to book a flight to london!!!beerchug.gif

or with my car and my stuffs...

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Raging i missed this one, ill keep an eye out and pop across from Ireland for the next
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Thanks GSARider for such a great event. It was great to meet some fellow Head-Fiers and put some faces to the names.

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It was a great day, got some good pics too. great people, great location and great products.

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