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London Head-Fi Meet April 2013  

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A massive thanks to all who organised and sponsored this, I think it was an enormous success.


Met with some lovely people, this kind of event reconfirms my faith in humanity - even though my DT1350s broke mid listen! (cable detatched I think, in right speaker, I'm hoping Polar Audio will fix them as 5 months old)


Chatted with Jude, what a truly likeable man, made his time to talk to everyone and managed to even look interested! , a great figurehead for this mini revolution in listening to music


Spoke with loads of very friendly enthusiastic people, with special praise for Hisoundaudio UK, he has a tough job at the moment, and he is exactly the type of person to support.


Glad to be non-impressed with Orpheus, and HD800 was for me perfect, it wasn't the ideal place to listen to open ears but the quality shone through.


Some tables weren't as approachable as others, it was hard to tell at time who was running a commercial stall and who was just having a listen to their own stuff.


Roll on the next one, hopefully we can have a headphone surgeon there next time who can recable on the spot! 


Here's some pics 











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What an amazing day! Well worth the anticipation.


I've got so many impressions regarding everything ranging from HE90, HDVD800, discussion with Axel Grell (really great guy and profesionally) to various Toxic Cables (Audeze/HD800 ones), the latter of which I've spent a really good amount of time with today. I've taken plenty of notes on my laptop and plenty of pictures.



It was really great to meet everyone today, and this IS a really amazing community, from the organizers, members to the vendors.


Will get some food and start sorting through my stuff and update.




- I've listened to them 3 times today. First time with some non-descript random pop they were playing and I wasn't impressed. Also many people queuing up behind me at that time in the morning didn't help

- Second time and third time: Pink Floyd - oh yeah! This is actually one of my comparison tracks so I know it by heart. Much better impression this time around. However I was still not immediately wow'ed. My brief impression is that the HE90 do not bring anything to the table compared to the rest of current production flagships (think HD800, Stax) to jump at you. They are much more subtle than that as the sound grows on you and it is a very refined and smooth warm sound. I personally have the feeling, without being able to compare this, that the HE90s might benefit from some more modern high-end downstream gear.


To be updated...

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Best bit of gossip was a new AK120 player from Iriver , a souped up AK100 , about £1,100

Will be the most expensive DAP ?
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A big thank  you to all that came and made the day so great, including Sennheiser & Custom Cable for making it possible with their sponsorship of the event. Jude - great to see you over in London and cheers for doing our raffle.smily_headphones1.gif


Around £1500.00 was raised for the Make A Wish Foundation - so thanks to all.


For info on where your cash is going:


First edit of our video below...L3000.gif



And second shorter version...


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I'd like to extend my thanks to all those involved in putting on such a great event.  Great atmosphere, everyone was really friendly and I got to try out phones that I doubt I would otherwise get to hear.  Thanks to the guy with the T1, LCD2 Head-fi gear let me play Black Sabbath .


I was really impressed with the HD800 and the T1

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Thanks everyone, it was AWESOME!!!!! :D

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Had a great time today - great to put names to faces, try out various gear (as well as providing NAD with some business by getting a few people to listen to my M51 haha), and most of all just waffle about gear to various people. Thanks to GSARider for the work he put into this to pull it off, Jude for being generally awesome and asking me more questions than I asked him, and everyone who turned up to make the day great. I need to upload all my phone pics (although the one I really want to see is Jude's shot of me haha) and post some impressions, but my brain is frazzled at the moment.


Further nods to Mr. Toxic Cables, Frank - think I'm set on a Silver Poison - fellow M51 owner Chris for sharing the NAD love and giving me food for thought with regards to the AP/PP combo and other such devices, and the catering team for churning out wraps and sandwiches of which I ate well into double figures (dat dere bulking diet).


Oh yeah, Sennheiser and Custom cable and their teams, lovely stand and for paying for the venue etc... it was so good I think we should try and make this an annual event!

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Impressions thead is here in the Meet Impressions forum chaps!

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The 800s are a jewel in our headphone crown.
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It was awesome... Can`t wait other meeting. Thanks to all.

If some one want so swap iFi Micro iUSB Power supply (which i won), to headphone amp or dac. Contact me.

I`m simply i wont listen music via ANY usb device, and never will. I do believe that laptop/tablet/phone as a source is pointless vs PC sound-card which i use.

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Thanks to the organisers, was a great location and event with great attendance! 


I will definitely try to bring along my home setup next time rather than just Tera + HD800s which was a bit of a weird combo. 


Now I'm just curious as to how much was collected for charity. Saw some people with strips of 5+ raffle tickets!

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Just got in. Quite an eventful drive back. My back is killing me, which is odd. Pure sunset all the way back. London bus driver decided to be an ass. Parking cost me £14. Some guy cleaned my windscreen for free as i said i'd had nothing, he also washed a heart with soap onto the windscreen. A guy at the services drunk signing, hugged me. 


So thanks to Custom Cables and Sennheiser. Everyone else who helped on the side of course! Good raffle even if i didn't win anything, was quite entertaining. The winner of the HD800's is a real nice guy, so well deserved. 


Had some "interesting" reactions to my setup, but each to their own. And others loved it, so that was a cool. Enjoyed the valve amps, the guy who let me borrow his T1's for a bit, thanks! And the nice chats i had with people, Custom Cans were cool guys too. 


I was under-impressed with some kit, but others surprised me. Undecided on the T1s, still. And i have love for the HE-500's now. Also the Senn HE60's are pretty bad ass. I had a quick go on the Iriver / Ibasso portable combo, and must say very tempting! Would of liked to chat to the owner.




Just a note, anyone happen to have walked off with my silver Sennheiser 6.35mm to 3.5mm jack?? 

I'm also missing my gold Beyer one too, which i may have miss-placed. 

Not pointing any fingers and it was probably unintentional, but i'm looking towards the Denon owner who was listening to my my CDs, so check your pockets/ phone's please normal_smile%20.gif



I was the guy newbie bluray/bushmaster/dt1350/dt990 setups with blue scuffy shoes. 



Can't wait for another one, had such a great time!

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First post updated with the video...

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£1500 I think was the total.


Originally Posted by Spakka View Post
Now I'm just curious as to how much was collected for charity. Saw some people with strips of 5+ raffle tickets!
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Edited this post out - this is now redundant following the threads merge.

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