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DIY Power Amp

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I was wondering if there was an amp that I could build.  Unfortuntely I am on a slight budget and would like to keep it around $300 but can be flexible about it. I suggestions for DIY integrated amps that can output anything between 25-100W per channel.  

Thank you in advance biggrin.gif

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Google Gainclone

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I dunno which of their products would fit into a $300 budget but ampsLab has some pretty cool designs.

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The Gainclone looks easy and interesting but I am concerned about the power output of it.  Ampslab has some amazing looking disigns but I am still a beginner, so I need something that will slightly hold my hand in the process.   And by the looks of it, all of them have some stuff missing that I would need to do myself, and I honestly have no idea where to start. confused.gif  Are there any at Ampslab that are fairly simple?

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Maybe the Hypex offerings would better suited for your skill level?

They're rather spendy though...

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Ya, unfortunately its a bit on the expensive side.  I mean I love building stuff but if buying is a better option I am not against it so I might just do that.  Thank you for all your suggestionsbiggrin.gif

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The Abletec modules are along the same lines as the Hypex offerings but much cheeper.

I've not seen very many forum posts about those however.


Vendor link:

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