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IEM under $75

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Im looking for a new IEM,under $75(USD) , preferably one that is more accurate, rather than bassy, Any suggestions?

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First off -


Anyways, <$75, accurate (although a few more details in terms of signature, or even build, isolation, comfort, etc, would also be helpful) - could check out the E30 or the GR04 for starters. Also the VC02 to consider although have not heard that personally (ljokerl has a very nice review on the Multi-IEM thread linked).


If you can stretch that budget a tad bit, it'd also open you up to more choices with the (assuming) sort of sig you're looking for - i.e. the PFE012, RE-400, HF5, R-50, A161P, etc, etc.

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Best Buy has more stock of the refurbed XBA3ip for $75 (from the deals thread)


Free Shipping


List Price $298
You Save: $223.01

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I prefer if i could where my earphones straight down rather than over ear, any more suggestions?


P.S my friend is selling his used ue700 to me, any suggestions?

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I would have to agree - if $75 was a limit - the XBA-3IP is a great deal - you'd be getting a lot more quality for your dollar - 3BA for under a C-note? Nice...

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I have the xba3 from BB and I am very happy with them. At $75 you can't go wrong.

But you can contact Head-Direct they still have RE-0 for $49+shipping if you're in the US.
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