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I believe mine also did, but as far as I saw there was no hole on my daughter board to screw a standoff into.

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Well, it turns out that I did not receive standoffs with my board. To make matters even more confusing, there are pictures of the old "through hole" board here on Head-Fi WITH two standoffs! My Bifrost was one of the first Bifrosts probably produced, since I pre-ordered it before its actual release a few years ago. I'm e-mailing Schiit about it, will let you guys know how it goes.

I only let the Uber board burn in for about an hour with some burn in tracks, but it already is sounding fantastic, BTW.

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Originally Posted by internethandle View Post

I just finished my Uber install finally, and for those of us with the older analog board (the one with through hole) be warned that there is only ONE standoff for the analog board, not two. There's another hole on the Uber board (and, apparently, from looking at other install photos, another standoff) for a second standoff, but if you have one of the earlier Bifrosts like me you only have one standoff to screw a screw into. It didn't seem to affect the board's stability, though - the pins supported the majority of its weight and it's very sturdy.

I posted a picture of my through board above and in it you can see two holes for stand offs. My motherboard did have two stand offs on which it was mounted, so I guess my Bifrost has a different motherboard than yours.
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Yeah, definitely did not have a hole. You can, again, look at 6moons' Bifrost review for a detailed picture of what my Bifrost internal looks like - no upper left standoff.


Also wanted to add to the chorus of praise for the sound of this upgrade - Oh My God, as they say, this Schiit is amazing. Even after only about an hour of burn in! Such amazing extension, depth, clarity. Thank you so much Jason and co. for this amazing product. If there was a Nobel audio prize, I would have it awarded to these guys for making something so affecting cost so little. No joke!


I'm re-enjoying my entire music collection right now with this thing. Incredible!


I'm fully aware I just sound like some sort of Schiit mouthpiece with those descriptors, but I, frankly, do not give a shoot.

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I have to admit, I thought people were going a little overboard with their praise of the upgrade and prepared to do an "objective" quasi-scientific assessment after installing.   Well, that lasted maybe all of 30 seconds.  I did go through my test playlist, but only to hear how good each song sounded, and was wowed into just listening.


I was listening last night and heard low, low bass notes in a couple of songs that I'd never heard before.  I seriously thought it wasn't in the recording for a second and backed the song up.  There it was again.  So it helps the sound accross the spectrum, but this bass response did impress me.  And this was not on my good amp, which is in for a warranty repair.

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Ditto on all the praise of the uber upgrade.  I got mine last week.  The ante has been upped.  If you're putting off pulling the trigger you are truly missing the boat.  Period.  Everything's better.

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Received a response from Jason today re: the one standoff:




No problem, early Bifrost motherboards only had one standoff. You're fine.

All the best,
Jason Stoddard
Schiit Audio


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My two cents  worth at http://ozpaul-ozblog.blogspot.com.au or specifically http://ozpaul-ozblog.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/schiit-bifrost-uber-upgrade-first.htmlsmily_headphones1.gif Thanks to all your help too!. BTW, no need to worry about Uber voltage compatibility if your motherboard is already set correctly. Regards, Paul.

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A big thanks to toscheck and hk_sends for the great info on the board replacement!! It really helped.

About the sound, I won't repeat whats been said and it is seems to be a noticeable upgrade with my HE-500. Just letting it burn in for a while.

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Originally Posted by MickeyVee View Post

A big thanks to toscheck and hk_sends for the great info on the board replacement!! It really helped.

About the sound, I won't repeat whats been said and it is seems to be a noticeable upgrade with my HE-500. just letting it burn in for a while.

Enjoy! biggrin.gif



-HK sends

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After getting my fully functioning uber Bifrost back (Thanks, Schiit Dudes!) and falling asleep listening to music last night, I wanted to offer a couple of (vague) impressions of the uber in comparison with the original Bifrost analog/usb config.


I find there is noticeable extension in the bass and treble which makes the uber board appear almost "bright" sounding.  I am hoping a little of that settles with time because folks with the Lyr and bright-sounding tubes might find it a bit over-bearing.  That's really the only nit I found to pick.  Fortunately, I was listening with a very warm, lush Mullard CV4109 tube set in my Lyr and the extension really served to bring out additional details that might have been "hidden" by the warm, prominent mids.


I noticed another thing, positioning (this is the possibly vague part).  Listening to the original Bifrost/Lyr/LCD-2 config, the focal point of the sound seemed to be in the middle or slightly towards the back of my head.  I could make out the position of the instruments to the left or right, in the front or to the rear of the ensemble but it felt as if the different layers all came together near the rear of the inside of my head (told you...vague wink_face.gif).  The uber board brings the sonic focal point forward to the front of my head, almost behind my eyes.


Actually...a better way to describe it:  With the original configuration, I felt as if I were on-stage with the band, facing the audience.  With the uber I feel as if I am on-stage, this time facing the band!  I can also hear additional levels of detail that comes with the change in perspective.  It uncovers subtle nuances and layers of detail that I did not hear before.


I hope this made some kind of sense.  It's really the only way I can describe the differences.  It does make me want to re-evaluate what little remains of my tube collection.  However, I can say the uber Bifrost makes the Mullards sing!


Cheers and all the best!beerchug.gif

-HK sends

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Well put HK_sends! Pretty much my experience with the HE500.  I don't know if it's brigher or just more top end extension and detail.  Still listening but on have about 5 hours on the new board.  Still impressed.

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I had found it a bit bright and punchy as well. So much so that I changed out the tube set in my Lyr to compensate. 


After some run in it seems to have mellowed a bit or either I have managed to get used to it and I have swapped my better tubes back in to the Lyr.


The added detail is a bit of a Pandora's box. Once you hear it you have to have it, but I am not sure if it is being presented in a way that is adding to the total enjoyment.

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Same experience.  I posted earlier how I wondered if it came off as more of an effect and would I tire of listening to it.

Not the case at all.  It's like dropping a 455 into a 75' Nova.

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