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Hahaha, there is a good side too - soon you will have so many FAW USB cables at home that even the printer will be plugged with USB audio cable :D

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Good that Matt solves the problems quickly :beerchug:

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Sometimes quckly, sometimes a bit less quickly, but in the end I think that the other side is satisfied :)

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Originally Posted by Zorrofox View Post


That's what I hear and read. Problems happen, as usual, then he helps and fixes them, which is what you would expect of course.

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Originally Posted by AmberOzL View Post

That's what I hear and read. Problems happen, as usual, then he helps and fixes them, which is what you would expect of course.

Fair enough I guess, as long as the customer is happy.
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Dear Matthew,


When you gonna have the time to answer my emails ?


I just want to know that you get the third paypal payment for those adapters.

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Check your SPAM folder :)

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Finally,I got you email.

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Originally Posted by Zorrofox View Post

How do you like the sound so far?


Sorry for the late reply, I wanted to get used to the new setup before replying.


I hope Matez doesn't mind if I'm as honest as possible. (I didn't realize FAW were active until after I posted the pictures, lol.)


I am not very used to switching cables and I consider myself inexperienced.

Back in the day I bought a BTG-Audio for my InEar StageDivers. I couldn't really tell much of a difference, but if somebody would have pointed a gun to my chest, I would have said the Starlight creates a warmer tuning.

So I already had this upgrade cable when I purchased my Stage 3 custom. I did some comparisons but my conclusion did not change much: "Maybe a little, but not sure; I guess warmer."

I switched back to the stock cable eventually because I preferred the flexibility.


Now this has been my primary setup for many months and I know my equipment well. When I switched to the FAW Hybrid I did notice a difference right away. I know my default volume settings and the Stage 3 are some of the most neutral in-ears I know, so telling a difference should be easier this time around.


And it is true, my impression suggest very mildly boosted bass and highs. It results in an overall better separation, more 3D and airier-  yet more powerful - experience.

Dare I say loudness effect?

Because as I just found out, the rhines lab has been measuring an upgrade cable (not this one) and found out that it raises the volume instead of changing the frequency response. So the positive effects ascribed above may be subjective to simply a louder volume. I don't know and I let everyone else decide.


Things to look out for:

- I would have to revisit the Starlight cable and see if it was really warmer as I remember it. I had a really difficult time to tell back then.

- rhines only measured the frequency response, it does not say much about separation, speed, etc.

- I am definitely interested in other cables now too, to see if and how they differentiate from each other.


While I don't find the Hybrid cable useful for musicians, I have to admit that I really like it myself! It feels great and sturdy but not heavy, it shines elegantly in the sun and the Viablue jack is a good choice! If there are any audible changes other than volume, they are definitely positive.

I will be proudly wearing this cable outside and I happily recommend it to anyone who is interested in a new cable. Actually I am thinking my HD600 might want one too...

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Basically your experience (and not only yours) show that there is difference between the cables. If it’s a big one or just a small one depends on the many factors (a topic for a quite thick book) among which the cable itself plays the most important role. As a lot of aspects of how the cable sounds cannot be checked on a frequency response graph or other lab methods and strictly depend on how do we hear the sound, I prefer to design them basing on idea in my head, developed though series of prototypes and then finished in final product.


I have to say your impressions are basically covering my idea behind this particular cable to create something neutral sounding in terms of tonal balance, but dynamic and spacious, creating something new, next to other “warmer” products. Apart from the sound itself, as you noticed, I highly value other functional aspects of the cable.


About the Rhines Lab measurement, I do not know what product were they measuring, setup, etc. so I cannot comment on this, but one of the factors that should be taken under consideration is also not the upgrade cable itself, but the cable to which it was compared. The question is, can it be considered as a benchmark to other measured cables? Maybe the first one is the one which has unnaturally lowered volume issue? :wink_face: 


Still apart from all the technicalities, In the very end Its all about your satisfaction of particular product :etysmile: 

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This may be dumb question, but I'm thinking about getting the Fostex TH900's at some point in the future, and I was wondering is it possible to get them recabled at FAW?
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current setup i just bought recently, Magni + PYST + Modi + IFI IUSB connected by Forza's USB cable

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I did an review earlier in this thread on Matthew's Hybrid CIEM cable. Well I had him set me up so I could use the cable with my Fitear 335s. And just received it. I have to say again, top notch. Goes well with my Forza fMod (iMod) and the Forza hybrid LOD.


I am a fan!!!

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Matthew, Ive asked Frank and the Toxic Cables lot the same thing....

I have the iBasso PB2 and DB2, And I was wondering if there is a right angled Hirose connector solution?

If you can help please let me know.




A while back you modified Jason's T70p Teslas to accept mini xlr's and terminated with a hirose ( ibasso ) connector.

I think I want to do the same mod. 

Could you please pm me how much both would cost to me inc shipping.


Many thanks, Paul :)

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