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Originally Posted by uglysteve View Post

Got my package today. Color me impressed. The packaging was great. It came sealed with silica gel packages in a ziplock bag. It came with a serial number card. It looks great. Sounds great.
I wonder what it's like for Matthew to read all this praise about his work.


My Mom was always saying that im most handsome, gifted and smartest so im pretty much used to it biggrin.gif


But honestly it feels great anb gives me motivation to work even harder on both new cable design and my workmanship. Thanks guys! :)

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Just received my package from Forza containing their low profile apple LOD and also one of their OTG cables for Android devices. I can not believe how good the presentation is, it feels so luxury for a cable and i loved the unboxing experience (i will upload a video soon). First impressions is that the flexibility is great and so is the build quality. They were exactly the size i was after as well, made to measure perfectly!


I am using the OTG cable now with my Nexus 7 to MyST 1866 PortaDAC rig (and of course the amazing Rhapsodio R^2) and the cable is certainly adding a richness and certain character to the sound and the iBasso OTG i was using before sounds brittle and slow in comparison.

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Im happy you liked it - i wanted to make it simple and functional, yet nice looking :)

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Got my Claire cable for shure yesterday! I liked the packaging a lot, simple and neat. The cable is good looking with sophisticated craftsmanship. I haven't done any comparison with the stock cable, but what my shure srh1840 sounds like with the Claire cable totally satisfies me.
Overall, great cable!! Thanks Matthew!
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Matthew has finished all my cables and mods now and hopefully they will be on their way earlier next week.....here's a sneak preview

Cable include:

10cm USB to lightning

USB to 30 pin LOD

Mini to Mini connector

Matthew has also modified my Beyerdynamic T70p to dual entry with mini XLR connectors and these will be used with a Claire cable with 3.5mm jack and XLR connectors.

Can't wait to get these in my possession :-)

Thanks a lot Matthew..
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Selection of cables received from Matthew at Forza.......I have to say Matthew work I first class and the cables are exceedingly well built and sound just as good. Highly recommended!!

Mini to Mini IC / 32 pin LOD to USB / USB to Lightning Connector:

FAW Claire HP Cable terminated with 4 pin mini XLR:

Modified T70p with Dual Entry Mini XLR Connectors:
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The FAW Copper Series IEM Cable looks great, and has really, really good build,

probably the best I've seen in a while. Matt really knows how to do this well!

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Thanks guys for you input and really nice pics (and videos!). Great read Tom - im a fan of style of your writing and pics. Also i found it somehow funny to watch the unboxing video of my products on YT and i want more biggrin.gif 

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I'd just like to add the thread.......received my cables and they are just great ! Streets ahead of the terrible stiff Hifiman cables.

Like the brand logo as well.......


Thanks !


Lovely Foroza Audioworks cables with mini-XLR terminations

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looks great mate, how is the performance?

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Is there a page on the site that has photos of the different jack plugs? Might be being blind.... tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by Swimsonny View Post

looks great mate, how is the performance?

Hi, my entire headphones are stripped down, so I've not tested them yet.

It was more a practical upgrade....mini-XLR's replacing Hifiman ports and shorter more flexible cable.

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Hi guys,


New member here..


A quick reply, because I just don't have much time right now.


Yesterday, I finally received these three state of the art items from Forza Audioworks;


FAW Copper/Silver Series Android Digital LOD


FAW Claire ICS


FAW Claire LOD for iPhone


Well, in short terms... I'm really satisfied! Frmo package, to the care put in assembly of the objects, quality of the components used... Amazing,


A heartfelt thanks to Matthew for the speedy delivery and availability, to whom I wish good luck.


P.S. Sorry for my english, I'm from Italy.




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I would just like to say that Matthew and Forza are a top notch little company. He does quality work, really great builds and the price is too good. I recently bought a

AW Copper Series IEM Cable for my CIEMs, and I have to say that of all the cables I have owned this is the best. And I have owned many.


Also had him custom build a line out dock based on ALOs cricket. And for half the cost and I would say the same quality build, great stuff from Forza.


I will also be sending in my 5th gen Ipod to get modded from Matthew as well.


This is a well kept secret on Head fi that more people need to know about.


Thanks for the great products!!!

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Count me among Forza Audioworks' satisfied and appreciative customers. I ordered a copper series HE-500 cable with nylon multifilament sleeving, flat braid, 2.5 meters long with 6.3mm Neutrik jack. 
Cost was affordable and international shipping was really fast! Besides, Matthew is attentive, eager to help and truly a pleasure to deal with!
Right away Matthew's cable solved the glaring faults of the stock HE-500 cable: microphonic noise and the tendency of the stiff wires to get tangled and bent. Such a pleasure to listen to the HE-500 without having to keep perfectly still! beyersmile.png
All thanks to this thread for steering me toward Forza.
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