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This is my Merlin, if you want to see some pics of my Miracle, you can check my (french) review of it (with Forza cable) : http://www.tellementnomade.org/review-unique-melody-3dd-merlin-miracle/
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Hello all,


I’ve just received my LOD from Forza Audio Works, and I have to say I'm impressed. It is a thing of beauty.


I placed my order on the 4th of February for a LOD from my Walkman (NWZ-F886) to Fiio Kunlun (E18).


I'd originally gone for a Silver cable, but a very polite e-mail the next day from Mateusz offered a hybrid copper/silver option, which I opted for. But that the new hybrid cable would be available in a few days.


I was then e-mailed on the 11th to say my order had shipped.


Got home today, lovely looking package sat in my letterbox.


As many have posted before the packaging is excellent, I love the canvas bag. The personalised envelope with my invoice. All garnish I know, but a very nice personal touch in a time when other companies have 'frustration free packaging' or two bits of card around your CD...


The LOD itself is wonderful, the WM-Port connector is a much better fit than the Fiio one I bought, no wobble, snug and solid. the 3.5mm jack (straight) is sturdy, not massive and not flimsy, the cable (without sleeving, I like the look of the braid) looks superb.


I'm relatively new into audio, I've been lurking hear for around six months or so, and have taken a lot of information on board, my current portable set-up is the aforementioned NWZ-F886 which follows on from an Xperia S / NWZ-A828 / NetMD, is coupled with a Fiio Kunlun E18 ending with a pair of MDR-1R's.


Therefore my commentary on the audio could and should be viewed with some suspicion :wink_face:


I will say from my brief listening this evening, it sounds much better than my Fiio one.


So thank you Forza Audio Works, I am a very happy customer. I shall be using your services in the future.




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Hello to all,


Am no expert, but in what I think is good and bad I try to compare things.


I received the cable from Mattew and how it is expected here is my assessment.


The notice differences between the cable from FAW and the stock is, the FAW cable have a greater detail sounds and more controlled bass not to overlap each other sounds.


The only downside, and this goes for all sleeved cables is, that they tend to be microphonic when touching something such as our clothes.


The cable is perfect in all aspects.


Thanks Matthew for the quality of your work and those who work with you.


For all a hug!








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Have had the faw noir hpc for my Hd800 a while now. It looks good, sounds good and is really flexible.

Build quality is top notch and attention to detail is amazing.


Thank you Forza Audioworks!

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Received email that my package has been sent. Very much looking forward to receive my new cables. It was also very pleasant surprise to find such a quality cable company here in Europe, since all the fun audio stuff usually comes from the US.
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I received a host of cables from Matt last week and I've been meaning to post a few pictures and write a few words about them. Unfortunately I've been so busy at work I haven't really had the chance to do it right yet. I thought I'd at least post a picture of the custom connector Matt made for my rig! Build quality is spectacular as always, and this little jumper has drastically increased the enjoyment factor for my main portable rig! Thank you very much Matt! You and your company are awesome!

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Had a business with matthew and FAW. I would say, I am really pleased with the business transaction. One of the wire already arrived, and still waiting for the next one. Will post couple pictures here when all are here. Highly recommended guys, please consider buying cables from FAW!

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Picked the cables up today and I'm already loving them! I'm not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me, but I think I can even hear a small upgrade in SQ. The Neutrik plug is very substantial, I think one could use it in self defense. :D

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As promised, here are all the cables. Thanks matthew, you did a very great job!!


Packages come on 2 occasions (well mr. matthew forgot to put my ICL in the 1st package, human makes mistake :tongue_smile:)


took only 3 days to arrived, czech republic is just next to poland btw




2 warranty cards for both cables!



I quickly hooked this up with my HD600, so impressed with the sound improvement.



will you look at that beauty! :normal_smile :



Later on, another parcel came.







Still amazed with the fast shipping time! 


Thanks matthew! I am truly satisfied with your work

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Great looking cables.

My FAW Noir for my HD650 after 150 hrs running in has  improved the sound ...more in the bass...and warmth...but the heavy gauge cable  was a bit too much for the ( in my view) poor design of the HD 650 ( note the change in the HD 800s) ...where the whole weight of the cable is put onto the (a) friction between the capsule of the Headphones, and the (b) "very small gold plated spring" contacts inside the Headphones.

The service and build of the FAW Noir  second to none!!...I will be swapping the FAW Noir for the more lighter/fixable copper HPC MK2s.

​I think when choosing cables, one has to look at the "weakest link" that would have to be the metal to metal contact points...after all, its not looks but surely the sound that matters.

Today I find people choose on looks....that covers everything these days. Qlty/long life and AFTER MARKET backup/service,seems to come second until its too late....

Matthew has broken that, and put SERVICE ( after Market) Qlty and style 1st...that is rare in the western world.

:wink_face: Thank you Matthew for leading the way!!

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Thanks for all to info...great reading.

One should also point out that the very high definition of the FAW Noir will also bring out the best and sadly the worse in your sound source, you really have to hear them with" uncompressed" source ( very hard these day) to get the "Dynamic's" that these can transmit ....I even change my amp from the Burson class A transistor to a " high-bred" Fostgate" Class A/ tube with cross-feed.It is built like a Swiss Watch and designed like a Italian sports car!!!...that gives even greater overall space warm sound...when listening to Classic / Live stage ...the sound detail of the 2 are mind blowing!!  One must not forget, that the Cables are just one part of the chain....

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Love this little usb micro-a to usb B. Matthews work is top notch.
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Thanks guys, I am really happy to see so positive feedback :)

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after hearing a bit on Forza, i decided to buy the USB cable to replace my generic ones, and hopes it comes as soon as possible

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Received a noir hpc for my lcd-2 and a twin usb cable last friday. Really fast delivery on these. I believe it took just a week for them to arrive.

Exellent cables once again from Forza. Liking the usb cable more than my chord silver plus or wireworld ultraviolet. 

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