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I remember when I was looking for a replacement cable for my HD25s and stumbled upon Forza AudioWorks.

When I found Matthew's website (well, he didn't have a website then biggrin.gif), I took one look at his cables and immediately decided to go with him.


Months later, I'm still enjoying my HD25s with the cable he made for me wink.gif



HD25 and Zune HD.JPG



I'm planning on getting my 2g Nano modded by Matthew in the near future, will get back to you guys after I've done so!


Matthew: Great to see that you're finally set up, look forward to dealing with you again soon!


P.s. Matthew, where has your gallery gone? biggrin.gif your pictures were really good and I'm sure people would be interested in viewing some examples of your work!

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Lately i have been working on new style pictures for my website. That is why gallery is gone, but it will come back with new, updated start page :)

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Just ordered a 30 pin to 3.5mm Claire silver 5cm LOD cable. It's pictures are beautiful. Hopefully it performs as well as it looks. I don't really buy into the cable hype that you can hear a difference between a good and a really good cable, but it looks awesome and I want it.
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Matthew, when my Paypal builds up a bit, I'll purchase a 5G MatthewMOD 32GBF from you. Looking forward to it.

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I will be getting a few cables from them shortly and will be reviewing them for sure! I will keep you guys posted on my experiences!

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Originally Posted by theThirty3rd View Post

I'm planning on getting my 2g Nano modded by Matthew in the near future, will get back to you guys after I've done so!


Let us know how it goes! I want to do the same thing, but just not sure that my rickety old 2G Nano is worthy of new clothes/shoes...

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I've just placed an order recently for a number of cables from Matthew including :

30pin to USB LOD
Mini to Mini Cable
30cm Lightning to USB LOD

Mathew is also undertaking a modification to my Beyerdynamic T70p headphones which will including adding dual male mini-XLR connectors in place of the single entry stock cable. I have also then ordered a 1.5m Claire Headphone Cable with mini XLR connectors and a 3.5mm Jack.

I have found Mathew to be extremely helpful and very prompt with his replies to my emails and from what I have seen and heard I can't wait to get the finished items in my hands. I'll post pics of all items with gear on the portable thread when I get them all.

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Got this bad boy on the way to my house.



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Sorry for not posting the pictures as promised. I haven't had time to get any great shots of the cables yet, but I did post a few pics of my rig in the portable rigs thread. Right now I'm using the copper series between my RWAK100 and Vorzamp Duo and I'm loving it! Perfect match beerchug.gif


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I've seen someone here using almost the same setup. Looks very very good. Well done. Looks like the IC is perfect length, too.

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Nice looking combo - im looking for similar one but with ALO RX

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Another head-fier in Japan and I were discussing low rider LODs to make our rigs look sweeter (probably sometime in 2012 I think).


After looking around we decided on Forza, neither of us knew much about the company and I think we ordered 3 low rider LODs off them.


I myself ordered two LODs - a silver and a copper version to get the best of any situation ;)


They are well made and sound great.


(Picture from their website)>>>

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Well, what can I say about Matthew that's not already been said? He's a pleasure to deal with, his packaging makes you feel you're buying a piece of art and not just "a wire". I emailed him a photo of my iPod-National-CLAS rig and he made me a 8 cm LOD-USB connector without charging extra from the 5 cm price. All done within 9 days from Poland to Singapore. Bravo.
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Got my package today. Color me impressed. The packaging was great. It came sealed with silica gel packages in a ziplock bag. It came with a serial number card. It looks great. Sounds great.
I wonder what it's like for Matthew to read all this praise about his work.

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I have received my pair of Claire interconnects after having used the FAW Usb cable. The Usb Twin cable sounds very good for the price and quite better than the Wireworld stuff I have been using before, and lately I am experimenting with affordable analogue cables.
I took a long pair of interconnects (1,5 metres) to use with my Headamp AE-2 and AD2000 transportably in my room, in order to use control the volume without having to stand up from my seat.
These interconnects are very flexible and, since they use 7N copper, I was expecting a good compromise between flexibility and transparency.
They have a laid back sound, and are far from certain copper cables, since there is no addional bass bloom. They lay down the details and soundstage diffusedly, and while they are very smooth and tend to sweeten the highs, they don't make the sound darker. In fact, they are very transparent to detail retrieval. The upper midrange area (about 2kHz and over) is a bit toned down compared to other cables, and with one of my dac's, the Metrum Octave, this produces some lack of solidity in the main harmonics, since the Metrum has a bloom mainly in the lower midrange and has a softer upper end. When I use the Idat, which is very midrange focused thanks to using Blackgates capacitors, the relaxing tonality of the Claire merges better with the DAC's signature, sounding more delicate without obscuring the details, and reducing some harshness and fatigue especially with certain rock music.
The Claire shares the same liquid sound signature of the digital cable, with a detailed, non fatiguing sound and relaxing feeling. They mainly differ in treble rendition, where the albeit they share a common a liquid signature, the former is more laid back and diffused, while the twin USB cable also focuses in producing a higher amount of air and tridimensional separation.
I have also ordered a recable for my Etymotic ER4P, which should be here in a couple of weeks I guess, and I will be reporting back.
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