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Hi Everybody!


Yes that was a Dr. Nick reference. . . 


Anyway, long time creeper, first time poster. This forum has helped me greatly. I started off with some ATH-M50s, moved over to the bose QC whatever over the ear model, and more recently I'm using the beyerdynamic 770s 250ohm. When comparing those to the ultrasone pro 900s, I found the beyerdynamics to have a much cleaner sound, bigger sound stage, and when paired with my new desktop setup of the E09k, and E17, honestly I found the bass punchier and cleaner. The Ultrasones were not only a bit too muddy for my taste, but more importantly, dang those things leak sound like a mofo. Needless to say, I returned them.


Now, my E09k/E17 combo works GREAT with my work computer. The problem is the low quality of music available via Pandora, Spotify, etc. Unfortunately it would be unreasonable for me transfer 200+ gigs of lossless music to my work computer so for now, I've got a few songs on my iphone. Here is where the issue comes into play, and I am hoping someone can help me out.


It is my understanding that when it comes to the iPhone, the best way to get the highest sound quality is through the charging section. So I bought a cable that takes the charging out port, and splits that signal into a left/right stereo for the aux in section of the back of the E09k. The problem is that when I do this, the E17 is completely bypassed. . . I've messed around with all the settings and after looking at the manual, it appears that using the aux in will indeed completely bypass the E17 making it worthless. Obviously for me this is not ideal as I was depending on the E17 as my EQ. 


So after the tldr of the E09k aux in bypassing the E17, my question is this. What solutions can someone offer me? I was thinking of possibly getting a female to female usb adapter, and using that to connect a standard iphone cable to the USB Type B cable included. What sort of sound quality loss would I encounter with that? Are there any other solutions anyone can think of?


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!