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Headphone brand name suggestions!

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Firstly, hello everyone on the head-fi forums!


I'm currently working on a project redesigning circumaural headphones for use whilst exercising (road cycling / jogging in particular)


As the projects progressed, i've realised it would be great to find of a killer name for the headphones for when I produce marketing material etc.


The main function is to give the user:

- freedom where currently restricted

- increased awareness of the external environment (prevent road accidents etc)


Heres where you come in...

If you had to think of a brand name for your own pair of headphones, what would it be?


I've got a few ideas, but interested to see if you if you guys can think of anything with a punch!


Any suggestions welcome, silly and serious.




P.s i'll post development photos on request!

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i guess its some kind of bluetooth involved..?  open circumaural...


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you're right about both! i'll post my final prototype when i'm finished...

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I'd call them Tim or George. That is if it were my brand.


However, I'd like to know the legal basis for this thread, assuming that all ideas posted here belong to their originators.

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i would call it BLU-Wavwink.gif

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Once we see some pics it should help. Also if its your design, maybe something that is personal to you, combined with audio terminology? *shrugs*

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'Freerphones' (I'm keeping the copyrights to this onetongue.gif)


(as in free, FREER (comparative), freest (superlative))

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Glormehigein ( Idk, german engineers have been quite succesful tongue.gif )
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Some really good suggestions! Keep them coming :P In regards to copyright issues, its for a university project that I don't intend to publish/patent/license etc...


I'm completing my final renders next week / visual and electrical prototype so I'll wait until the good stuff is ready to show you guys smily_headphones1.gif

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What do you guys think of 'seventhsense'?


I quite like the idea of returning the 'sense' you lose when wearing closed back earphones...

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I like SeventhSense !
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How about Seventheiser  evil_smiley.gif

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How about Awear (or Aware)?
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