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Downloading 2.0
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Tell us when its on 69%

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Originally Posted by utmelidze View Post

Tell us when its on 69%


Haha. About 60% now
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C'mon sneaaaaak :-D
Old dial up days
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Would love to use the X5 as a USB-DAC on my Nokia Windows RT tablet but no FiiO apps available. Any chance it will be in the near future ?
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Firmware download... so... slow... can't... hold... on...


Seriously, is everyone trying to download all at once? Probably yes I think! :)

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Server is somewhere in asia and no.wonder.its slow
Its way too far from you probably
Just test some.asian speed servers frim your.place
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Server is really busy - I'm in Asia now and could not download 2.0, 7 times downloading was interrupted via FF.

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/s99sekkvt5mc9n2/X5-FW2.0.zip if FIIO's site is too slow for you guys

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Is there an official changelog for fw 2.0? I just updated and nothing looks different from fw 1.23beta from the surface. Haven't tried listening to it yet.

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Initial brief thoughts on FW2.0 coming from 1.23 Beta.............

Volume level seems increased. Had to turn down the e12 from 11:00 to 10:00. Details are even clearer. More soundstage I think. Gapless still works perfect.

Very disappointed to see that the EQ can't be adjusted in any mode besides the one custom setting.

I really like the sound in this version. Nice job Fiio.
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Pink Floyd - The Wall - Mother. The acoustic guitar in the beginning sounds sooooooo detailed. Midrange is awesome. Yum.
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Dropbox link for firmware 2.00 with translated changelog
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changelogs please.. :)


EDIT: missed the fact that the dropbox link has changelog. :p

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I already downloaded and installed from the main site. If someone can please copy the changelog into a post, that would be appreciated.


2.0 sounds just fine.

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