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Hi guys,


I'm going to make the jump on a desktop rig of some description this weekend. I've narrowed it down to two setups which I can get for about the same price, a FiiO E09K with Sennheiser HD600 headphones (plus the FiiO E17 I already own for the DAC), against a recently discovered combo deal on an Audioquest Dragonfly/AKG K550 pairing. I'm still leaning heavily towards the HD600s, I adored them in the time I spent with them and their legacy speaks for itself. I have no doubts that the HD600s are the superior of the two headphone options, but after hearing so much good stuff about the Dragonfly I thought I'd ask you guys which pairing you think would be better as a whole system.


As above, this will be a system that will not leave my desk. I'm looking for maximum neutrality and fidelity in terms of sound signature. So yeah, what do you guys think?