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Need Help: Travel Trunks (for transporting headphones)

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In a big dilemma- I have mucho expensive headphones, but now that I'm moving overseas I need a safe way to transport them (and there are a lot...).  Right now I'm shipping off the cheaper ones, but there are a couple of headphones in my collection I just don't feel safe shipping (mainly all my out of production electrostats).

So... anyone have experience transporting fragile goods? I've done some research and it seems these large travel trunks are my best bet, but airline luggage handlers aren't exactly gentle with your stuff.. Hoping for some brand recommendations.


Edit: These need to be LARGE. I'm talking around 30"x17x17. However these will still be checked in as luggage on my flight... so they need to meet airline restrictions.

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Nanuk waterproof cases on sale right now

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Size: 29.75" x 17.87" x 20.12"


They do two even larger ones if you need it.

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Pelicans are nice.  You can do pick and pluck or have them do the inner foam custom shaped.


That 1770 looks like a beast.


Edit- Pelican's list includes what it can be used for on flights (carry-on, checked, oversize): 

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I haven't had to travel with them, but I have a Pelican for my HD800s that is similar to the travel case that the LCD-2s come in.  I have dropped it a couple times and the headphones don't budge if you pluck the padding properly.  A buddy of mine also used some Pelicans for his DJ equipment when he traveled.  Watertight, seemingly bulletproof, and lockable.


Safe travels, my friend.

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I bought a Graphite Nanuk 930 http://www.hardcases.ca/products/nanuk-930/





With padded velcro dividers so I can strap my Grado HP2i very securely, and then put another on top.


(Following example done with a smaller Grado SR200, though)




To fill it completely, I could put up to 3 to 4 Grado headphones stacked onto the others, in big Ikea ziploc bags, with a protective sheet of bubble wrap between each, and my two Grado HPA-1&-2 amps alongside.


Pelican offer the equivalent, velcro padded divisers, foam plucking cube-matrix, etc, just like Nanuk, but I prefer the design of the later.

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