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7th Annual ChiUniFi - June 22nd - Page 10  

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Great meeting you all! 


Can someone who's not MOT start an impressions thread?

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Thanks to every one. Very nice to meet you all.


Mad Dogs are amazing (much much better than the T50RP I owned and was modified by myself). The proto Cavalli portable amp impressed me too.

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It was great to meet everyone. I definitely wished I had more time to try gear as I wasn't able to get there until 2, but I still got to try a lot while also giving people a chance to sample what I brought. Meets are a great thing because it provides some navigation in a sometimes confusing hobby. Further confirms that there may not be a real end all be all with headphones. It's more about trying different things and assembling a collection that works for ya. I tend to remember better how I felt after listening to something as opposed to being able to pick out a ton of technical details. Yesterday I was in headphone bliss listening to the Amperiors and right now I find the same songs kind of fatiguing(as often happens if I listen this late). It could be a case of being tired, or maybe because my ears have been recently exposed to stuff like the SR-009 and the Abyss headphone. Riding rollercoasters right after might not have helped, especially Batman backwards(this one does a number on ur ears).  While the electrostats don't have the real strong bass I like on some phones, the clarity and technical prowess seems unparalled to me. If I was much better off financially I'd definitely buy them. Even then, sometimes I wouldn't want that proficient of a setup, especially with heavier rock and metal or something like Eurodance. I'm still left with the opinion that it's tough to match those genres with headphones. There always seems to be a trade off since fatigue seems to be inherent in them. You'll want something that isn't too bright, but you also don't want to lose good treble energy. A strong bass is needed, but you don't want to lose fidelity or clutter up the other frequencies with excess bass(or cause fatigue with low frequencies). As with any phone, it seems well-mastered recordings in the 80s that have some room to breathe are much less apt to cause fatigue than stuff from the mid-90s and beyond. As I told a few people, if anyone ever wants to meet up to try some gear of mine, feel free to send me a PM. I plan to listen to the Yamaha 500 at Fry's some more and may buy it within the next month. Holm Audio was saying on their site that they have the M4U2, so I will probably demo that too. I may or may not buy more amps down the line. It boils down to the fact that I can get a few $100-$200 items in a year but may buy 0-1 higher priced piece of gear. I haven't heard an open phone in my price range that I'm real interested in buying, so my focus is on portable, closed stuff at the moment. I'm hoping that by next year's event there's some newer phones out that push the quality level up another notch. Right now it seems many companies are releasing tons of phones and I'm not sure how sustainable this is going to be without significant growth in the market. Here's hoping for a few more gems and the mainstream Beats crowd desiring higher quality. Once again, great time hanging out with everyone

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Impressions here please smiley_abyss1.gif  ..dB

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