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Eq conundrum

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I hope I can get some input on this as I am genuinely interested in others opinions. I have just bought a pair of AKG Q701 and I have a Schiit Magni being delivered tomorrow. I have been listening to the AKG's on my ipod with rockbox installed and it sounds great (cant wait to hear it through the magni) but the problem I have is, I set all the eq to off and I listen to all my Cd's ripped to flac from dBpoweramp. Some songs sound great with just the right amount of bass and treble but some sound thin and weak? I know this is personal taste but I would like the signal path to be a clean as I can get it (as far as using eq)


I was wondering if I am doing something wrong or would adding some eq reduce the overall quality of the music. BTW, it seems my Rush Cd's are the worse for being bass light and kinda empty sounding.


Thanks everyone.

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There's nothing wrong with a little EQing to correct for imbalances in a headphone's frequency response. It's natural that you're finding some songs with good bass and treble and others with a thin sound. There are a lot of variations in the sound of recordings. This is why you can't EQ based on what you're listening to. Boost the bass while you're listening to a bass-light recording and you'll probably end up lowering the bass as soon as you play a bass-heavy recording. 


You can EQ based on headphone measurement sheets, like this one:


But these sheets are only reliable up to 1kHz, as ear canal resonances after 1kHz color the sound, resulting in the jagged response you see. Also, everyone's ears are different, with different resonances. For more about this see http://www.head-fi.org/t/413900/how-to-equalize-your-headphones-a-tutorial. This thread also details how to EQ your headphones using a controllable sine wave sweep, though it's kinda complicated.


I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply, I will defiantly look at the links you provided.

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