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I need to update the thread:


Multiple downloads since the last post, 


"August and Everything After" 24/96 by the Counting Crows pristine, clean, and clear.  I'll say this as an early believer in this format, the recordings I have downloaded in the last 6 months have been excellent, I thought the consistency in my first 6 months was mostly hits and a few misses.


"Hearts," "Holiday," "America," and "Homecoming" 24/96 from America all well recorded gems.


All the above are highly recommended,


"12 X 5," "Rolling Stones, Now!," and "England's Newest Hit Makers (remastered)," 24/88 The Rolling Stones, these were early recordings and subject to the recording capabilities that they were originally mastered in.


"The Velvet Underground and Nico (45th anniversary  album)" 24/96 The Velvet Underground and Nico, no knock on the album, but the recording was famously done on the fly and authenticate raw recordings are harder for me to justify as high res purchases.