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The only other thing I would add is that their design philosophy with tubes is about as different as you can get. If one would compare the l2 to the BA, that is about the closest comparison one could make as the DSHA is simply such a different and strange beast from anything else out there.

With the L2, the tube is CCS loaded whereas the BA the input tube is resistor loaded.

The L2 the tube is DC biased by a transistor shunt regulator, the BA output tube is biased by high frequency. There are merits to both DC and AC bias which does influence the sound greatly, all ill say is that Doug and Craig have implemented them creatively and effectively in their amps in comparison to the other headphone amps out there.

The L2 is capacitor coupled to the output transformer, the BA is directly coupled to the output transformer. Again both have merits and both have pros and cons, both approaches influence sound.

The above is just a sampling of the design philosophical differences between the two and are a big part of why the two sound different. I will say that both offer something in the headamp market that is fresh, creative, and different from anything else you would find.
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Thanks for that - I consider both companies great examples of solid creative engineering and good sound.


Cottage manufacturing can allow some real crazies into the cadre of "manufacturers," but it also gives us some real gems who give us great builds at sane prices and are able to deal directly with the customer.  I just wish there were more guys like that in this hobby.


On another note, here is a shot from Pickett Furniture of some of the woods used with the amps:


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From left to right, that's rosewood (on the chassis), padauk, teak, walnut, cocobolo, and more padauk.
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Freakin' beatiful! 


Nice write up by the way. True story - I actually had a letter all written (complete with numerous cases of sarcastic italics and exclamation! points!!! everywhere!!!!!!) and ready to mail your way, decrying your baseless topology assumptions, until I read further in that paragraph. I guess I can't send this thing now, dammit. Checkmate. 

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Thankfully you didn't mail it.  I'd reciprocate by posting non-sensical rants (boldly italicized) on your new CIEM review on IF with a burner account (you'd probably recognize me there - my avatar is an upside-down picture of an upside-down picture of Tyll.)


The only thing worse than people who use too many exclamation points are people who use too many exclamation points and think they're called explamation points.


While I'm at it, I don't like emoticons - if you can't manage to convey your point with words, maybe its not a point worth making.  I'm also forming a society against the proliferation of acronyms (SAPA), we're trying to form a bill and get it passed in Congress but all these people are freaking out because they say it will hugely restrict the internet as we know it.


Also, all these kids need to get off my lawn.  

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Saw this posted by friedduck on the Canlanta thread, part of tomb's rig.  Looks like an updated BD with Cinemag transformer pokies instead of the Lundahls in my proto.  Torpedo is next to it.


Edit- if I had to guess I'd say that's a matching DAC underneath it, maybe a Walnut DAC from Doug?

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The L-2 and TH900s are a real treat to listen to. I've had these for almost a week and can say that if you're willing to give another amp a try, then the L-2 deserve your attention on your shortlist of amps. I, frankly, have no need to try anything else at this point. It gets out of the way and just allows the music signal to flow through with a clarity that I didn't previously have with the X-CAN v3s I was driving the TH900s with. It also has great grip and control of the signal driving the TH900s that give it more authority on the bass and makes it tighter and more accurate than the looser control with the X-CAN v3s. 


Any incremental improvement via: power, isolation, cables, cleaning up the digital input (I use USB to a PWD Mk II directly from a PC), etc. will likely be less noticeable unless you're critically listening. I'm done with this to a great degree now, as I'm enjoying the TH900s now.


beerchug.gif to Doug @ecp for a great product which this customer will enjoy for many many years.

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Congrats ! Looking forward to hearing those.. and maybe finally hearing the TH900s properly :)

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Originally Posted by rubenpp View Post

Congrats ! Looking forward to hearing those.. and maybe finally hearing the TH900s properly smily_headphones1.gif

Yup, definitely. Will be interesting if I had other amps like the Stratus or ZDSE to compare too. These, along with the ecp L-2, are the ones that would make a great comparison.
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Originally Posted by Steve Eddy View Post




Full disclosure: I did the CAD drawings for the metal work but have no financial interest in ECP, was just a favor for a friend.



If I may make a suggestion mate, I did the same for a friend. I also did his webpage and also translated it into English and German. Needless to say, I am no longer "part" of the team as my avatar suggests. It is poetic justice that the company is lead by incompetence-de-luxe. It has nothing to do with ECP, just saying!

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Ah! Finally, an ECP thread! Thanks Radio_head! I've been a happy DSHA-1 owner for over a year now and I use it to drive the Grado HP-1 and LCD-2 rev1. Agree w/ the op statement that Doug's customers are very happy but very quiet. I love this amp, and thought about starting a thread ... but I really don't like writing reviews and getting into debates and such. Too busy doing other stuff, including listening to music. As a local to Doug (for now ... I hate that he's moving!), I've known him from local meets, and can say that he is extremely knowledgable, super nice, extremely ethical, and he provides great support. These aren't cheap amps, but there is a lot of value for the price, because of the design, quality parts, and support provided. I have no regrets. In fact, I stopped the interminable quest always looking for the right amp, after getting this one... I don't have a need to search any more, I already know I like this one. It was way more expensive buying and selling all the time, constantly trying to find one I really loved.
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Kinda wishing I'd heard one sooner before the sale is over  triportsad.gif

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It's not over yet ... smily_headphones1.gif Another week and a half or so.
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Received my DSHA-1 last Friday and I am very, very pleased.  It sounds really great with the R10s and the HD800, so much so, that there may be a used Balancing Act on the market soon.  That is not a knock on the BA, because it is still great, but less tubes for me would be nice.

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Glad to hear Andy. It's a versatile amp for sure, I knew it would drive the hd800 well but am happy that it is handling the wacky r10 efficiently.
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