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Klipsch x10 V. Atrio MG7

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Hello, I am looking for an earphone for my friend. Since I do not know well of earphones, I need your help!
My friend listens electronics and dubstep musics, plus sometimes ballads and band musics.
Those two were what I was recommended from others.. plz choose one for me which is better choice for him.
If you have better recommendation, plz do not hesitate to give me an advice!

PS. When he listens electronics and dubstep musics he like the deep base sound.. and when he listens other songs he likes clear sound of all instruments and vocal.. isolation is necessary for him and I wish the building of earphones are not fragile...
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First off -


Going to copy & paste my own quote because a bit lazy and this happens to fit well - 



Genres are helpful, but we all like different presentations of our genres. Stating sound preferences would be immensely more helpful in the long run. You can find a nice list of terms in the H-F glossary, but would advise against picking and choosing any term that seems appealing because in the end they might really conflicts with one another.


Describing sound is difficult to get into at first, but it makes giving recommendation a much simpler job. Otherwise you have people throwing out random suggestions for the only things they've heard, without much specification on what you might actually be looking for. A massive medley of choices can be just as confusing despite however helpful it might seem at first.


Also preferences in terms of comfort (any peculiarities in terms of fit that you might have with IEMs?), isolation, and build, would be helpful as well.

Know you said it's for a friend, so maybe you'd want to ask him about the preferences first off? Otherwise both are generally well-perceived and lauded for presenting those genres, but again, subject to preference, etc, etc, the above stuff. One just does it in a very warm and full-sounding way and the other goes for a deep and aggressive sig.

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I edited my post thks for advice. Im just wondering which sounds warm and which sounds more agressive
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Originally Posted by heather j View Post

I edited my post thks for advice. Im just wondering which sounds warm and which sounds more agressive

Noted. The X10s are warm and the Atrios are aggressive.


Actually looking at the criteria, will have to say that the FXD80s retain clarity and depth much better than the Atrios, as it can sometimes get a bit muddled. Also solid metal housings.

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