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First Pair of Armature IEM - Page 2

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My first BA was Mee A151 and thought it was the worst sounding earphone I ever had. It lacked bass, sounded tinny and worst of all IT WAS UNBEARABLE.


Then I jumped into the W4R bandwagon and never looked back.


Pretty expensive but it will save your desire to go beyond! (For me that is)

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Hmm you give really valid arguments! makes sense what if i hate how they sound i would be stuck with a usd500+ IEM, alright i will stick with universals till i find that sweet spot thanks you really saved me alot of money :D

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I am going to buy a pair of Monster Turbine Pro (Gold) my local audio shop allows returns so i am going to try the copper and the golds then decide but in your opinion which is better? i know that the gold is more bassy and the copper is (flatter?)

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