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The last time I listened to a physical cd must have been...a long time ago. Like, 8 yrs ago.


Otherwise, I listen to ipods.


I feel like the player itself looked better in the photos than it does in real life. I really liked the industrial design, which was pretty angular and interest, and for some reason it seemed like Back to the Future.


In real life, it does feel a little rattle-y. I dropped the player and the top cover actually fell off completely! But it was easy to put back in place.


Put in two batteries and started listening to physical cds.


Compared to the ipod touch 4g, it does seem to have do I put it, vibrancy? there's a ton of placebo going on of course, so I can't really say I'm entirely being fair. It does sound good though, and is at least as good as the ipod. 


One weird thing about the player is that when waking up, there is SIGNIFICANT noise in the headphone jack. The noise goes away after a few seconds.


Now, as for listening to physical cds as opposed to digital files, I feel like physical cds are closer to what listening music should be, and that digital files just aren't how music was supposed to be enjoyed. They are convenient, but somehow there's a connection lost. They also make me quicker to flip around songs, while with cds I'm more likely to listen all the way through.


And actually, if you're home, having a PCDP is more convenient than using an ipod. Like, with an ipod, if I want to listen to a specific album, I have to play musical chairs, deleting a song to make room for the album, then wait for the transfer, which is often unreliable for me, often fails and requires my computer to restart. I also have to put effort into finding a place to put the files, renaming them, weeding out duplicates (this is really annoying) and so on.


With a PCDP, if you see a cd, just plop it in and listen. 


So anyways, it sounds good but for going around the house it will skip. Wonder if there's a good player with 3-10 second anti-skip to consider. Not too expensive. My max price is $30 for these things.