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For Sale:
Schiit Magni Amp + RCA cables or RCA to 3.5mm mini cables

I bought this amp from another head-fier and it just arrived today, the reason I'm selling it is because I would like to have the magni and modi together.


There is another listing somewhere here for both the magni and modi.  Understandably the seller would like the keep them together.


So, if you just like the magni amp I can sell you the one I just bought over the weekend.  It looks great from what I saw in the pictures, has the wallwart power adapter (10 bucks from schiit).


I will also include a pair or monoprice 1.5ft rca cables that weren't in the sale when I bought it 


or rca to 3.5mm cables monoprice premium.  Your choice.  Want both just add 2 bucks.


I also have a pair of Blue Jeans Cables RCA 2ft for 25 in the cables forum, but will include it in the sale for an extra 20.


So...magni amp + monoprice premium rca 1.5ft (the rca cables are brand new) for 95 shipped.


Magni amp + Blue jeans cables fpr 115 shipped


I do ask 3% be added for PP fees or paid as a "gift"


I will cover shipping


As this is time sensitive; I can only sell this if the other seller hasn't sold the stack yet.  So as long as he hasn't sold it yet; I can sell this magni amp.  

Thank you for looking at this listing.  

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