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Fiio e11 Suitable for dt880 600ohm?

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Hi guys, this is my first post on head-fi so please bear with me.  About a year ago I bought my first set of quality headphones, dt770 pro 250 ohm and a fiio e11.  The headphones have been treating me very well, but I am looking to try something a little different.  I have my eyes set on the dt880's, but I have a couple of questions before I purchase.  Will my e11 be able to drive the dt880 600 ohm?  I really am not looking to spend money on another amp.  Also, I have noticed that the overwhelming consensus is that the 600 ohm sounds better than the 250 ohm pro.  Is the difference really that noticeable?  Noticeable enough to drop the extra $100+?  Thank you! 

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Hi, I currently own a pair of DT880 600 ohms, and from the look of the numbers, I don't think that the E11 will be able to power it very well.  When I had an O2 amp, it had JUST enough power to run the DT880's adequately (meaning, with high gain mode on, volume knob was at 75-80% to get to my normal listening levels, at 100% volume was loud but still not deafening).  It seems that the E11 only outputs 1/6th the power of the O2, so I think it will be severely underpowered.  I have no idea about the 250ohm version though.

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I've owned both (DT880 Pro 250 ohm, and 600 ohm Premium).  Currently still have the 600 ohm premium.  The difference is really small/subtle.  Unless you have a high output tube amp, or really good SS - then stick with the 250 ohm.  You're really not missing anything.

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The fiio e17 I have is PLENTY loud with dt880 250 ohm. When I owned it I was pretty much always below 30/60 volume

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I have some DT880 600ohms and a Fiio E10. The E10 will get the DT880s loud enough, no problems, but I wouldn't say it drives them 'properly' - I hear clipping/bass distortion on some 'demanding' music, e.g. with lots of bass or a wide dynamic range.


I'd expect the E11 to have similar limitations, but not tried one...

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Thanks for the tips.  I'm just gonna stick to the 250 ohm.  The e11 has been working pretty good with the dt770 250 ohm, but I do get bass distortion when I crank up the volume on high gain mode.  Any recommendations for a little more powerful amp that could avoid this problem. If I stick to the 880 250 ohm ill have a little extra cash to spend on a new amp.  Thoughts on the O2 or fiio e12?  Looking for a portable amp.  Also, from what I've seen its about 125 USD difference between the dt880 pro and premium 250ohm headphones.  Is there price difference really worth the upgrade?  I've found my 770 pro's very comfortable.

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Not worth it to upgrade. Go with whatever model is cheapest!


Why you need another portable amp, when you already have a decent one?

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