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I thought it might just be my ears going bass deaf also, but since the bass could physically be felt before but not quite anymore I don't think that's it either. Also I played around with the gain but didn't notice much difference. I was planning on buying something like an E12 anyway for mobility, so I will propably just do that and see if there's any difference. If the E10 collapsed it's all right, that's easier to replace. I will let you people know how it went incase someone ever run it into any similar problems. Thanks for your inputs.

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Hi guys,

I need your help please.

According to you how many hours i need to burn in the J.V.C HA-SZ2000 to get the best possible sound ?

Thank you by advance for your answer.
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I burned in my SZ2000 for about 300 hours on bass heavy music.
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Originally Posted by gikigill View Post

I burned in my SZ2000 for about 300 hours on bass heavy music.

Ok thank you for your answer, what have you notice before and after the burn in period ?
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The midrange cleans up and I didn't listen to them during the burnin period. I was disappointed in the beginning as the mids were dull and it sounded very poor for a $300 headphone but the mids and highs came in after burnin.

It seems to be a trait of JVC Nanotube headphones as all of them exhibit the same characteristics. I have 6 of them including the FXZ100, FXZ200, FX40, SZ1000, SZ2000 and S500.
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I also got a chance to a/b test between a brand new Sony xb1000 with a two year old beaten up xb1000 and the difference was night and day. The sound on old headphones was more refined in all aspects.

I would also like to mention before the A/b test the new headphone just sounded as good as the old headphone. Maybe that's where the brain plays it's role, it adjusts to sound accordingly whichever is thrown at it.

Crazy but true in my case and I am not an audiophile.
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