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Same pads as the 77x

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Originally Posted by Hawaiibadboy View Post


Just played it through audio analyzer and there is a main rapid flutter hit at 50-55 (53Hz) I think that rapid flutter is the thing you are liking and there is a lower 33Hz hit that rolls in too.


Let the sz be non eq and slowly raise those 2 zones along with the gain little by little


little gain


add some dB to those two spots


little more gain


add some more to those spots till you find the sweet spot/ bump/thump/kick in the head


Thanks, HBB! It's an interesting sound. BTW, for Neutron users: the Gain in the Equalizer screen is not the same as Volume, I just realized I can get output from the S5 close to amp by raising Gain to 17 and then Volume to 93.  Now I can listen to Basshead music directly even if I don't have my amp with me (gets bulky to carry around in my pocket at work... and also, the amps I have seem to be quite affected by interference by the cell signal.... usually have to use airplane mode).


In Sz2k news, I am waiting for MR55X pads to arrive to compare massage effect with Alpha pads for myself.... :)

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Not as comfy or isolating but they should bass your head pretty good:beerchug:

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