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For Sale: FS - Quad (balanced) 50k Khozmo 48-step attenuator

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For Sale:
FS - Quad (balanced) 50k Khozmo 48-step attenuator

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am putting my custom made Khozmo attenuator for sale, mainly because I've moved to the Alps RK50. This is one of a kind attenuator with 48 steps and I asked for 0.1% 15ppm resistors. Also, the wires attached is pure silver, instead of the standard copper. They are quite short though because I intend to put the pot at the rear panel. Input impedance is 50k. Shortly, this is the best pot you could find for sub-$500.



Standard one would cost you $269. The extra stuff cost me quite bit (~$150) but I am willing to let this gem go for $250 including shipping anywhere in the world. PP fee is not include though.

Feel free to PM me about this.

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My god... Is that a $200 pot.... I didn't even know that existed lol
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It was a $400 pot when I ordered it. smily_headphones1.gif
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The attenuator was sold.

I have another one with the same specs but is square, instead of round. Same price.

Also, got a brand new, unused 50k quad DACT that I ordered from pcx (still have the invoice) that I am willing to go. Pm me your offer.
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