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AMP for Grado RS1i?

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What is the best one portable or not for under 200 dollars?

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i would just buy a schiit magni or o2, the RS1i don't need much amping to sound great. 

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millet hybrid



Gilmore lite (used)


Keep the gains low.

Look for ALPS volume pot, either the big blue one or small green one.  They track very evenly even at the lowest (whisper) volumes.


I like the OP627 and OPA2107 chips with the RS1... good sounding OP amps for lower gain applications.  The 2107 is warm yet detail revealing.  Doesn't really have current reserves to play loud/clean, but for low volumes its really good IMHO.  The 627 is  more "dry" sounding, doesn't have the analog-warmth of the 2107 but I think spaces sounds out a little better.

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Ray samuels portable amps does a fantastic job as well. 


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millet hybrid



 x2 on Millett Hybrid. I have the MH original build and it does very well with both SR225 and RS2.

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