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Grado SR80i vs SR60i ? Does it really matters ? - Page 2

Poll Results: What Is Your Preference?

  • 42% (21)
    Grado SR60i
  • 57% (28)
    Grado SR80i
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I have used both the 60i and the 80i a fair amount and prefer the L -Cush pads over the stock pads, but I find the L-Cush pads comfortable and it seems many don't. I think it's well worth the investment to purchase the L-Cush for either model and it's a nice feature of Grado phones that pads are so easily interchangeable and make a significant difference.

In terms of sound quality, the 60i is perhaps a little more forgiving with less than ideal sources. The 80i is more lively and forward in presentation and less forgiving of poor sources. While neither is a bass monster, they both have very tight and fast bass with the 80i having more depth and quantity.

I think you really can't go wrong with either model but if the budget allows, I'd recommend the 80i.

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Originally Posted by tseliottt View Post

Not really for me. Any difference was hiding behind the piercing highs both of them have. Even with the 325s, which were actually better and less fatiguing, I still couldn't get over the painful sibilance.


I checked out the headroom frequency response curves and the 60 and 80 both have a peak at around 8 or 9 khz, with the 80's having an even more pronounced peak than the 60's. The igrado's don't have that treble peak. 


This is why I will go with igrado's. What's curious is that the igrado and the 60 share the same driver. I guess differences in the enclosures as well as perhaps the clamping force of the headband both play a role. 

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Originally Posted by Achmedisdead View Post

If "bass presence" is a concern, then Grado might not be the best option. wink.gif

agree with what u said, i think sr80 is more suitable for jazz than heavy metal even though i bought it for metallica

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Originally Posted by joseph69 View Post

What  is the price difference between the 60i and the 80i where you live?

Why was the 60i more comfortable than the 80i?

When you tried them, didn't they both have the same (S) cushions? They should have if they where both new, and it was only about a year ago, because they both come (stock) with (S) cushions, but I take it that the 60i had (S) cushions and the 80i had (L) cushions if you say the 60i had more comfort.


In the states their is only a 20$ difference between the two models, and if you can't hear the difference between them, then buy the 60i, and take the remaining 20$ and buy (L) cushions, so you can hear which cushions you like better, and your total will be 100$, depending on where you live.

BTW Amazon has these headphones and cushions for these prices

Also the Grado headphones sound amazing indeed!!!


A case of money sense and music sense coming together.

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If you cannot find much difference in sound between the two models, I say get the 60i if you mainly listen from your ipod/portable player, get the 80i if you listen to an amplifier at home.  The lighter gauge wire is handy for portable applications.

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They sound similar, but are different enough that it's worth choosing somewhat carefully between them.


60i: more consistent, more straightforward, simpler
80i: overpowering, brighter, might be fatiguing after a few hours


Unless you know that you like 80i sound, I would recommend 60i.


About cushions, try the stock cushions first. You might like them.

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I have been told by a reputable source that the only difference is better gauge wire in the headphone cable. I have a/b'd them extensively and can not hear a noticeable difference that I could identify which I was listening to.

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The people that mention the intense highs must listen at high volumes. I only notice this when the level is too high, I think grades are great for 75-80db listening... Which is the perfect level
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I've never heard the 60i's but own the 80i's and can say without a doubt buy the Alessandro MS1's instead.  Especially if you value low end bass response, they are much smoother overall and dont have the piercing high end that the low end grados have.

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Are the 60i more laid back? If so, are these differences audible?
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Originally Posted by tiobilli View Post

Are the 60i more laid back? If so, are these differences audible?


Yes. Yes.


Deciding between them is a matter of preference.

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The lower end Grado's all sound very similar. I find unless you're willing to go to at least 325's, then the sound from the 60's to the 225's is nothing a pad swap and recable can't achieve. Even then it is largely just the pads that need to be swapped.

The 325's and higher are where things change, the overall build quality is much higher on the 325's and up. The 225's just don't have the build quality for the price.

That's part of the nice thing about the 60's, you can easily mod them to sound much like the higher range cans.

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Sr60e or sr80i
Metal music performance ??
Sorry I'm little english.. Please ...
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Originally Posted by Jozy View Post

Sr60e or sr80i
Metal music performance ??
Sorry I'm little english.. Please ...

Same question as they both now priced similarly. I'm thinking sr60i, as they might be more forgiving.

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You can't go wrong with either. Both offer a nice taste of high quality audio reproduction and represent fantastic values at under $100. 

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