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Sennheiser HD 650 Vs. PSB M4U 2

Poll Results: Sennheiser HD 650 Vs. PSB M4U 2

  • 45% (5)
    Sennheiser HD 650
  • 54% (6)
    PSB M4U 2
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Hi everyone, I want to buy my first good pair of headphone and I wanted some advice. I will be using these mostly to listen to music from my computer so I dont need them to be portable but I have a somewhat loud computer so I was wondering if i needed a noise cancelling headphone to enjoy the best sound possible.


I'm guessing that with an open back headphone like the Sennheiser HD 650 the sound will be "damaged" from the ambient noise around me. But I'm reading that noise cancelling headphone have less great sound for the same price, what do you guys think?


Thanks :)

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     No need for noise canceling, it wrecks the sound. The M4U1 by PSB is the same headphone without the noise canceling. Unless you need them for flying, and I use my IEM's in noisy locations like planes or work. A good over the ear sealed headphone will work great for you.

     You might also consider a different cooling solution for your PC, my older computers sounded like the vacuum running all the time, to many noisy fans spinning to fast. You can get speed controls to slow your fans down, or upgrade to a new quieter CPU cooler. My current PC is damn near silent, and I use open back Grado's right next to it. Many companies specialize in low noise solutions for PC's like Zalman.

     Noise canceling adds a lot of extra circuitry to the signal path, exactly what you don't want.

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ue6000 has that euphonic quality to somewhat sound like a 650..

works great just plugging it off a desktop cpu.

and it isolates reasonably well.

v comfy too.

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I am a Sennheiser fan but for your situation you should really go with the PSB. I just listened to them today and they are the best headphones I have listened to in a very long time. You can save some money if you go for the M4U2 -1. They don't noise cancel and you might need an amp which will increase the sound quality as well. The 650 is an amazing headphone but you will hear everything around you as they are very open ;-). To fully enjoy them you need a quiet room. Hence, the PSB should be your first choice, you won't regret it for sure.

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