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Hey everyone! I'm new to hi-end computer audio/headphones and wanted to look into getting some audiophile quality headphones for movie watching off my HTPC (when I don't want to use my speaker). Problem is my Denon receiver's headphone output jack will probably limit what kind of headphone I can get due to high impedance and minimal power. So I am considering a USB DAC/Amp combo to help eliminate this "issue".


Does anybody have any experience in a similar situation? I currently run HDMI out (via ATI 5570) into my Denon 2310 receiver which decodes the audio stream. (DTS-MA, TrueHD, etc). I would like to know if it's possible to still run this setup but add the USB DAC/Amp configuration on the side so that I could output via either hardware option?


With that said, does anybody have USB DAC/Amp combos to recommend? I'm looking at using either Beyerdynamic DT 990-600 Ohms or Ultrasone Pro 2900.

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Nobody's used dual audio outputs, so to speak? HDMI out when needing the hi-def codecs and USB DAC for headphone listening?

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Yes. You can plug the USB DAC/AMP into a PC, then change the audio output through the sound configuration in the control panel whenever you want. Takes 30 secs.

But alternatively, your receiver has front left/right pre outs. You should be able to use it's DAC and hook up a good headphone amp. Not sure what's involved in switching over to those outputs. Check your Denon manual.
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Unfortunately the Demon will not output analog via the line outs if the input is digital and I'm using HDMI, so don't think there's a way around that for me
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That's no fun.

At least you can use the other method.
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