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For Sale: Woo 3+ Modded by Woo

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For Sale:
Woo 3+ Modded by Woo

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hi, as you can see by the title, I'm selling my Woo 3+ modded by Woo. I purchased it from another HFier where he chose to do the mods.




Mods include:

Parallel wiring

Upgraded Gold Teflon tube bases

WBT RCA Connectors

Furutech Rhodium connectors

BlackGate Cap upgrade


BIG POPPA conducted these mods and I'm sure he know a lot more about these mods than I do. The reason for selling is because I prefer the synergy of the EF-5 w/OPA627AP and the HE-500 over the WA3+.


This is a seriously good OTL amp. I'm just slowly straying away from audio as I'm trying to focus more into my studies and mtn biking again.



WA3+ with all the mods done

GEC 2523

2x matched Tesla Rhodium e88cc



Power plug

RCA interconnects


Buyer pays 3.9% PP fees + 50% of shipping. Price is firm.


Lowballers will be ignored and laughed at.


Don't reply, just PM... If you reached your limit, I guess it's okay



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dat power tube.....

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It's so... BIG

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Hi! do you ship to Italy? how much?

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Originally Posted by gitbuy View Post

Hi! do you ship to Italy? how much?


Only IF you cover the immense shipping costs, yes... For internationals, you must be committed to buy for me to haul this thing to the post office and get a quote...

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dat transducer

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pm sent :D

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