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Originally Posted by rodweb View Post

SR80i until now :)

Love your taste! Grado is just very unique in signature <3

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Originally Posted by BillsonChang007 View Post

Love your taste! Grado is just very unique in signature <3
Yes, the best investment I made so far!
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my not the best will be the q701 minus the head bumps
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DT880 and HD600 for me.  Both incredible value for money considering their sonics - but sadly getting less and less head time.

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Either the Koss KSC75 (probably the best value in the entire audio industry) or the Grado SR80i.

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Still enjoy my senn px100.

They are fun clean decent musical portables use them when I am just listening to the music not the cans.

Mind you also grooving with some Soviet orthos I picked up cheap!

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Kenwood KH-1000's (Alpha pads), built like a tank, realistic soundstage, warm mids, perfect highs and great sub-bass. I actually prefer them to my LA-7k and my W-1000x for a closed bassy HP.

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I like closed headphones a lot.
I used to like the Senn HD2 25-1 better than my Beta 22 balanced HD 650's.
Then I broke them and replaced them with Audio-Technica ES7, which I liked better than my AD-2000's at the time.
Now I'm pretty content with Audio-Technica ATH-A900Ti.

But I am an Audio-Technica fanboy at this point :/

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my ranking regarding listening time (not technical abilitys):


- brainwavz hm5

- nad viso hp50

- hifimann re400

- beyerdynamic t5p

- denon d600

- hifimann re600

- kef m500

- Audio technica ath-es700


i own the hm5 for more than a year now, but did not listen to them since a few weeks ago and i have to admit, that these nail it for me. they meet my sweet spot regarding tonal Balance and even more so: presentation. while the t5p sounds a Little more open, the layering on the hm5 is much better. the t5p offers better Detail for sure, but the hm5 is not far behind. plus it is as comfortable as the t5p. hope i will Change my mind soon, as i paid 950 eur a few weeks ago for the beyers and right now, i dont know why.

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My favorite "not the best" headphones: Grado SR225i.

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After all the headphones I have owned the Beyerdynamic T90 been my Favorite headphones to use with the AKG 702 behind it.

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K701 with the reversible bass mod.
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Sennheiser hd 25

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Sennheiser HD598

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Head-Fi sucks:)

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