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TDK BA 200 Question!

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I just realized BA 200 has a flat cable

does it have a cable noise?

is it bad? deal breaking bad?

Is it comfortable to wear?



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It's microphonic, but I don't think it's a deal-breaker myself. Depends on how what you'll be using it for I suppose. I wouldn't recommend them for going to the gym

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I don't get any cable noise from them.  If I do, it's not bad to answer your question.

They are extremely comfortable.  These are my first flat cable IEMs and I like them...even more than my GR07s cables which people seem to love here.

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Didn't get cable noise, and at least they are comfortable despite being flat cables


anyway wearing over the ear should have mitigated most of the microphonics problem

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I don't get any microphonics and find it extremely comfortable to wear. Don't notice any discomfort even after several hours.
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thank you guys! biggrin.gif

It is just because I've had that issue with my other IEM with flat cable (UE 500 had a tremendous cable noise)

I think I will go ahead and buy BA 200 then o2smile.gif

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