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DIY Speakers

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I was looking into buying/building a pair of bookshelf speakers and was wondering if making is even worth it if you don't have the equiptment to make your own enclosure, but instead buy a kit with it supplied.  I was looking to spend around $500 on them and was also looking into Paradigm Atom Monitors.  Like the Paradigm speakers I was hoping that it would be 2 channels.    

Thank you for your suggestions in advance.

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good places to start out are:

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I would start at:


A lot of it depends on how you value your time.  If it's a hobby then it adds value to the time spent, but if it's just to save money then it's a negative.


Also who will you deal with tool costs?

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First of all thank you, and I have all the basic tools, I just do not have the basic woodworking machines like table saws and drill presses.  Otherwise I have everything that is small that is necessary to build anything basic.  Unfortunately at this time there is no way for me to get such machines as I have no where to put them and also am not willing to invest in them.  

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