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Hey guys,

I joined this forum just so I could tell my story with these guys and the results I got as of today.  A little background: I ordered a asic unit from these guys last week and was promised a Friday or Saturday delivery from the ordered placed on Monday.  After Saturday rolled around I got a little suspicious and started doing some research.  I came across this thread and a few others.  I contacted them a few times a kept getting the run around, "the order shipped to Florida by accident" (I'm in AZ), "We don't issue tracking numbers on small packages" (the package is like 7lbs), "we can issue you a check for a 50% off refund". This kept going on all day Monday and Tuesday.  They told me on Tuesday that they issued the refund but it would be best for me to file a claim with Paypal. Not a happy camper.  So last night was my final straw.  I am a programmer by trade, among other things and I started digging.  I called them this morning and gave them an ultimatum to issue my refund by end of business day or I would begin an assault. They tried more lies throughout the day and even threatened to involve authorities, and their 6pm deadline was fast approaching. Well, the long and short of it is that I have registered the following domain names: ontariowarehouses.com, bordercityaudios.com, bordercityaudioscam.com, border-city-audio.com, bordercityaudio.net and bordercityaudio.info.  On each of those sites is content meant to expose their scam and ultimately destroy their SEO.    I have contacted their hosting provider and filed a take down order for TOS violations as well as contacting a few other sites they were posting on.  All of their emails are also currently being flooded with requests to issue full refunds to all of their 'clients'.  Hopefully some of this will help and prevent others from getting scammed from these guys. If anyone wants to add content to the sites I have set up, feel free to contact me. I will be updating them as I have time.



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I am sorry to hear about your experience with the seller, but am excited to hear about what you have done in response. I would love to hear about any future updates.


You said you contacted JustHost. Did they say they would be shutting both ontariowarehouse and bordercityaudio down for ToS violations? Just wondering because... if you check earlier posts, I spoke with a Sennheiser rep about a cease and desist letter. I'm not sure if anything changes if corporations like Sennheiser and Bose get involved, but am hoping the seller bears the brunt of the law.


Also, you seem to have posted up the contact information on your sites. Do you know if they are "real businesses" as in a brick-and-mortar store?

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Just Host was kinda vague.  I've come to expect that from hosting companies, their first priority is usually to protect their clients.  But i did provide them with several links to support my argument that bordercity is a fraudulent business.  We'll see how quickly they respond. In regards to the addresses, I'm fairly certain they are all fake.  For border city I have found 3 addresses for them alone.


Right now they are asking me to stop, saying that my refund has been mailed out and will be here by the 9th.  Man these guys are out of control!

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Ah, I had the same experience. I feel like the hosting company would shut down the sites only if they were forced to. After all, their goal is to raise money, right?


I think it's ironic that the seller is the one contacting you. In my experience, it has always been near impossible to get a reply from the seller. Hoping this turns out well. Seller needs to take responsibility for what he has done.

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Any updates? I found a nice little box waiting outside my door this morning (must have been delivered yesterday) with some Sennheiser goodies. smile.gif


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Hi all, 

ive been following this thread for a while now and i hope this guy gets caught. this kind of behavior is terrible and i wish honest hardworking people like us did not have to deal with this. i want to hear more on what is being done to stop this guy from continuing to do what he is doing.


jkxs: Seems like sennheiser does care about its customers, to send you those things.

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Good move on contacting Sennheiser about this, and I do hope something is done. I must say I'm pretty envious of the hat. redface.gif If only I put similar effort into putting a stop to this..

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Your Sennheiser hat is cooler than my Sennheiser hat! What are those in the wrapping, stylus'?

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@jdogw: I got the "swag" for reporting bordercityaudio as a unauthorized Sennheiser reseller. Considering they were "selling" the HD 800s, it would mean a lot of lost money for Sennheiser. I thought it made sense for Sennheiser to do this, but you are right, they are not required to do it, therefore it was nice :)


@3X0: I don't wear hats, so I'd be willing to ship the hat off to you if you're interested.

@dleblanc343: I believe they are cord organizers. There's a little hole that the... thing(?) goes through.




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Awesome. Time to wear that Sennheiser shirt and walk the streets like a boss, grabbing the ladies attention.

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Oh oh oh I want a hat
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@jdogw: Sorry, but I'm going to give 3X0 priority because he went through the same scam as me (big factor). He also mentioned it first (small factor). If he passes up the offer, I'll let you know!
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Np I imagine he should get it first either way I'm not that mean
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Thanks for the hat! smily_headphones1.gif

I wonder what's going on in the backend.. I scour eBay frequently for high-end gear and haven't seen much suspicious since the last fraudulent listing that was posted here.
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There seems to be a Sennheiser HD 800 frenzy over at eBay... Think I have seen at least three put up for sale this week. No problem about the hat biggrin.gif

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