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For Sale: McIntosh MCD-500 CD/SACD Player

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For Sale:
McIntosh MCD-500 CD/SACD Player

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling my McIntosh MCD-500 CD/SACD player.  In addition to being a first-rate CD/SACD player, it is a superb DAC; I have run my Macbook through it with excellent results. 


McIntosh site info is here.  Retail is $6500, and they usually go for about $4000 used.  I'm selling for $2800 including paypal and shipping (shipping will be substantial).  Like new, child-free pet-free home, original packaging.  I care for my equipment well.


Maybe I could sell this easier on audiogon, and I'd certainly charge more there, but I'd prefer to sell it to someone here. I price to sell, and I expect this to go quickly.  I'm an old-timer, so most of my feedback is in my signature below.

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Do you still have your MCD-500 for sale, and if so, can you say approx. how much it's been played?


thank you very much,

Jim Wojno

Lincoln, MA



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Do you still have the MCD500 for sale ?


I am very interested.


Thank you



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