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I've been lurking these boards for quite a while for headphone suggestions and I thought I knew what I was doing when I decided to try out a budget, low-power vinyl setup. Thought


I've got a Sony USB turntable that's connected to a Lepai 2020A+ amp and runs to two Micca MB42 bookshelf speakers. I sort of rushed into this and didn't even realize the amp didn't have a headphone jack. I also realize now that I should have put a phono preamp between the TT and the amp (is the TC-750LC worth it?). Now I'm not sure whether to return all this and get an old Pioneer receiver with a preamp and a headphone jack or get some RCA spliters and a headphone amp, but that seems like It'd be unnecessary spending.

I just want to listen to my records through speakers and have the option to listen through headphones. Someone please advise me before I start spending away and create a weird and wasteful Frankensystem.