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For Sale:
Mapletree Audio Ear+ Purist HD headphone amp

Mapletree Audio Ear+ Purist HD


Red and black chassis.

Perfect condition.


Supplied with 2 sets of 12B4A valves, GE and RCAs

Supplied with 1x electro harmonix 12AX7 , 1x Electron RQR Telub 5751, 1x Sovtek 5751, 1x Gold Aero 5751



  • Heavy duty power supply and output transformers for increased power output and extended bass response with low distortion.
  • Para-feed headphone output circuit drives 32–300 Ohm impedance phones including the Sennheiser HD580/600/650. 
  • All point-to-point wiring. 
  • Tube complement: 2 x 12B4A and 1 x 5751/ECC83/12AX7.
  • Ultra high-speed HEXFRED recitifier diodes and Alps volume control.
  • Passive preamp output jacks and dual line input jacks for system patching.
  • Premium passive components include  Tantalum film plate resistors, and a Noble or Alps plastic element volume control. 

Specifications: Input resistance:  100 kOhms. Headphone output impedance:  7 Ohms. Sensitivity: 0.3 V for 10 mW output. Output power: 100 mW.



Shipping by courier is 12EUR to Italy and 30EUR to EU