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Headphone Paradox

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I found this graph and I felt i would share it with Head-Fi and see what you think, maybe some headphones that break the paradox smily_headphones1.gif
- Tj
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haha kinda reminds me of this car analogy that I always hear in car forums. 

Fast, reliable and cheap; You can have two from the list but not the third.  

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Everything is a paradox... There is no perfect headphone after all.
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JVC S400/500 seems to get a lot of hype recently for being cheap, sound good and are made by trusted brand

I don't own any of them though, just keep seeing dedicated threads being bumped to page 1

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Isn't this graph about the AKG headphones? biggrin.gif

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I thought this was about LFF's Paradox. Then I read the colored circles and knew that it wasn't.

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Yeah, I'm also searched for the Paradox headphones when Mr. Google redirected me to this page.

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