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Stax SR5 (Gold)

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Hi all,


Somebody is selling me the combo Stax SR5 (gold) and SRD 6 for a price of 260,- Eur. Since I am not an expert, I do not know if it is a good deal; I would say, if they are in good condition then the price would be not bad, but before doing something I wanted to ask to the people here in the forum.


Is there anything that I would need to take into consideration before buying? I ask the dealer for the possibility to test the headphones at his place. What should I look at?


Thanks for your answers,



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For that price if they are in absolute good condition then its worth it. I liked the golds more than the standard sr-5's so you should be in for a real treat if you end up buying them.
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Hi DefQon,


Many thanks for your answer.



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Always check the stereo balance (maybe easiest with a mono recording) or bass distortion.


The SRX Mk3s are plagued by these problems much more than the SR5 Gold ones but it may still occur as it is the same driver, only the SRX Mk3s are much older and mostly used in studios so they got a lot more abuse.

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Channel imbalance'
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While channel imbalance is the main issue with ANY used Stax, let the headphones and amp warm up before testing for at least fifteen minutes. Many otherwise fine Stax systems will have some channel imbalance when first turned on as the stators charge. 

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Hi, thanks for your answers!


How do this headphones compares, for example, with the sennheisers HD598 or HD600?


Best Regards,



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They do stack up really well.

They are faster and more detailed although a bit forward the HD600 is a bit more relaxed.

You will not get head-banding bass impact but you wouldn't get it with the HD600 either.


Overall I would rather have an SR5 Gold than a HD600


It also depends on what speaker amp and source you are going to use with it, the better the equipment the more reward you'll get.

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I also got myself some Stax SR-5NB (NB=gold) on ebay for cheap. I hooked them up to a vintage Kenwood KA-5500 amp. 


Putting them on for the first time was a real revelation! Such a clean, vivid sound. There's not much soundstage to speak of but this kind of increases the impact of the music. I also get pretty decent bass out of it, of the same specific quality that you get on orthos. For comparison, I also tried an 80s electret, the Toshiba HR-910, and that thing has absolutely zero bass, and additionally the sound is really thin. This is not the case with the SR-5NB, there's full sound and clean bass. Also with the Stax, just like with my HE-500, anything with percussion sounds so much better than I've heard from dynamic headphones.


They definitely have a wow factor and I think they outdo Senns in that pricerange.

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Are you still in the market for a STAX SR-5 Gold? You might be interested in mine, EU based

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Many thanks for your offering, but I am not interested at the moment.


Best Regards,



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Ok. Thank You for ketting me know.

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I may be interested.

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PM sent!

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