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For Sale: C&C BH Portable Headphone Amp

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For Sale:
C&C BH Portable Headphone Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm selling my C&C BH because I've sold all my IEM's and just use headphones with my desk amp.  The BH works perfectly and sounds great and if I still had IEM's I would be keeping it but I just don't need it as I'm using open-back HP's now with high impedance.  I'll post some pics later today.


Price is $80 OBO and it comes with all accessories and box, also I'll pay for shipping within the US and cover half world wide.


Here's some features and specs,



1. professionally designed low-impedance headphones special batteries in portable amp, smaller than a credit card (aluminum case projection), the thickness of a 9-type aluminum alloy pot limit;
2. dual output headphone jack, OUT2 with a high-quality PtoB impedance line, listening to music for 2 people;
3. with the gain selector switch, to adapt to a wider range;
4. dive + low frequency sound field expansion of special compensation to make up the majority of less thanheadphones, sound is more perfect;
5. imported high quality fever potential, selection of matching left and right balance, ensure the sound quality;
6. using large-capacity high performance lithium polymer battery with charge and discharge protection;
7. Built-in smart charging circuit voltage will not overcharge, can listen to music while charging;
8. all tantalum capacitors + red WIMA coupling enthusiast, isolated power supply design, the sound is morepure;
9. Maximum output power: 300mW +300 mW;
10. headphone adapter Impedance: 8-300Ω;
11.THD + N: <0.001%;
12. Frequency response :10-100kHz / 1dB;
13. Long life time: about 80 hours;
14. Pocket size, Size: 76 * 57 * 13mm (aluminum housing);
15. Weight (including batteries): 100g;
16. Charging Power Interface: 5V0.5A DC, Universal miniUSB interface.
17.signal noise ratio :110dB


If interested please leave me a PM, Thanks

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First I'm from France, so I beg you pardon for my poor english ! I'm quit interested by your amp, would you accept to ship he to my land? I also possess a Fiio E11, but I have been reading the C&C BH plays in another league (better clarity, better depth...) : do you agree? I think I could easily sell my Fiio if I'm OK whith the new one, whatever... I'm waiting for your answer. 





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