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I hope i chose the right place in the forum to post this, if not i am sorry.


Currently i am useing a fairly default command line for ALAC ripping but i have to use MP3Tag after each cd to get album art embeded into the tags. This is becoming a hassle as i have already done of 300 cd's like this and would prefer to make the command line function this task. I have tryed a number of variations but i cannot get it to work. All other metadata works fine.


-i %source% -metadata "ARTIST=%artist%" -metadata "TITLE=%title%" -metadata "ALBUM=%albumtitle%" -metadata "DATE=%year%" -metadata "TRACK=%tracknr%" -metadata "GENRE=%genre%" -metadata "ALBUM_ARTIST=%albumartist%" -metadata "COMPOSER=%composer%" -metadata "DISCNUMBER=%cdnumber%" -metadata "COMMENT=CRC:%TRACKCRC%" -metadata "TOTALTRACKS=%numtracks%" -acodec alac %dest% 


This is the presently used command line parameters. The variations for album art i do not know what to do with as its supposed to be something like




No idea what to put in the dot area.


%hascover%--artwork "%coverfile%"%hascover%

This addition before %source% and after the rest does not function for me. What needs to be changed?