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Stax srm1-mk2 or T1?

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This question got buried in the stax thread, so I thought I'd try a standalone thread.


Looking for some opinions here.  I've done lots of reading and searching already.  I have a completely rebuilt srm1-mk2.  How would this compare to the T1?  The T1 is appealing because it has both pro and normal plugs, but I can add a pro plug (and plan to) to my srm1mk2 to solve the usability issue.  But would the T1 blow it out of the water regardless?  These two amps are often recommend as the top amps for the lambda series, at least to my reading.


Should I bother getting a T1 that I might have to replace parts and tubes for, or save my money for a lambda signature if it ever comes up?


In general, I've read that the T1 amp has a more refined sound, but a bit less high end resolution and bass response.  That never sounded right to me, so I am looking for insight from those who know.

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There are a lot of other factors involved as well such as the headphones your are intending to use and the source as well.


If you have a normal bias Lambda which has great musicality with whatever you throw at it I would day the SRM1Mk2 is fine.

With other phones that are brighter or less musical it could be more complicated.

It might be no surprised that was a special tube specifically for the Lambda Signature which can be quite edgy and bright with most setups.


Next week I shall receive an ECC99 modified T1 so I can compare with the 717 properly and tell you about it if you are interested.

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I can't tell if your SRM1Mk2 has both pro and normal sockets.  Most  do but some have either 2 low bias or 2 normals.    I Have 2 of these amps with one normal and one pro bias and think they are great even compared to my 717.  I don't listen a lot to low bias Stax but I like to have the option to do so especially to my low bias Sigma.  


One advantage of the SRM1MK2 over many later Stax amps is that it delivers more voltage swing which translates to better dynamics and a livelier sound.

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I have a very early version of the srm1mk2 with two normal sockets.  I completely rebuilt the insides with new diodes, caps, and resistors.  I am using it with the normal bias sr-lambda, which I love.


I have seen a couple T1's brush by me.  The T1 was my first choice of amps that I wanted for the lambdas because of the pro and normal sockets, but the srm1mk2 was found for a killer deal, so I went that route. My plan is to instal a pro-bias circuit with instructions I found on headphonia, or something like that.


I am assuming that someday, my old normal lambdas will crap out, or I will not be able to repair them, and I want to have a good amp to put with what will probably be pro-bias lambdas.


This is all stemmed from the fact that I hear some intermittent breaking up of sound on the right side of my lambdas.  I thought it was a loose wire, but the problem has seemed to still be there.  what is strange is that I cant recreate the problem on demand.  its starts happening, and then I can notice changes when I move my head.  


Anyway, I'm babbling.  Yes, I would be interested in your impressions from your listening tests.

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Hi, I have both T1 and SRM1. I bought SRM1 a week ago and made many tests with the same songs switching between amps one by one. The diffrence is considerably dependent on the kind of music you are listening. T1 is excellent for jazz, small bands, singers like Diana Krall etc. Stax SRM1 is much better for electronic music, dub and rock.  It is because tube amps compress dynamics so you can hear more details which are usually covered by loud and dynamic sounds. I have not decided yet which one stays. If had a cash I would keep both. I was always against tube amps as they need more maintenance, compress music and introduce distortion. After a week's listening I cant keep my original thougt that they are inferior as they suits diffrent purposes.


My advice is to get one based on your music taste.    

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