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Poll Results: Is your Hisoundaudio Nova (N1 or N3) loud enough to drive your headphones comfortably ?

  • 45% (9)
  • 30% (6)
  • 25% (5)
    It depends what headphones are being used
20 Total Votes  
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So three people in twelve answers think their N3 is faulty?

That doesn't sound so good does it?

Hope Hisound sort it out, it looks a nice player.

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No, it says 3 people are finding it underpowered with their headphones, like me, not faulty.

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No, two say their battery lasts two hours and another thinks theirs is faulty too
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I was reading the comments, not the votes
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When using the N3 with Heir Audio 4A and 1964 Ears V6 CIEMs, I rarely if ever need to get past volume level 8 for the HSA 2.0 EQ.

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i am using westone 4.

my normal listening volume is 10-12  with HSA v2.0.

but there is a huge variation in volume level for each and every EQ settings.

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I think my N3 is underpowered. it should not need to crank volume to max at 32 for what they cliam high output power player.

Is there any update firmware to solve this problem?

Also my unit is faulty, battery still drain even power off, it is very annoying when every time I need to recharge battery before listen to music on this player...😒

How can I send it back for repair?
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I'm not satisfied with the volume of this player

Where i can download the last ufficial firmware for nova n3?

The one that is possible to download at the link in this forum has dated 18-03-2012. I update that firmware and my player now has a firmware with that date (2012).

This is the firmware i updated: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37333043/H281-XZ1236-20130319-N3.zip

Does exists an ufficial website for this company?

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They got the dates wrong in the firmware. You have the latest version , for me it's far too quiet , a shame as the sound quality is superb.
Google should find Hisoundaudio
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Does anyone know how i can get the latest firmware to my N1?
Already heard some urban legends on downloading and upgrading the firmware. The hisound webpage seems crazy, it's all in Korean and when you choose English it reads retarded. Anyone has tried upgrading the firmware yet?
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Hi, Just to refresh the topic. have you heard about any firmware updates for Hisoundaudio Nova N3? I have the one from March, 2013 and just wonder if it's the lastest one. Hopefully not......

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