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Well, that was dumb...

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Got to work this morning and fired up the Little Dot I+, having a good time catching up on email and listening to some good music. Then, I got the thought, I've been listening to these Sylvania Gold Brand, gold pin 408As for several days now. Time to switch back to the Russian Voshkhod 6ZH1P-EV and compare. So, in the excitement of the moment, I turn off the amp, unplugged it and swapped tubes, turned it back on, quickly so as not to forget too much of the sound just on my ears...


Wow, I don't remember the Voshkods glowing that brightly. Weird, why did the music stop.... uh oh....


Yeah, I forgot about the jumper change I made for the 408As is my excitement. Now I have lost some magic smoke in my amp.


Is this thing toast, or could I replace the obviously burnt resistors and carry on? If so, anyone know what they were?




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upgrade time! wink.gif

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I guess, but I was really happy with the sound I was getting. I'm at the point where I think my equipment has already exceeded my ear's ability to hear a difference. The only thing I was considering upgrading was my DAC.

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I saw something like this on the Little Dot forums before.  If you purchased it directly from Little Dot, this may be covered under warranty.  You should check with Little Dot.


If you really want to try and repair it, just find a picture and try to identify what those resistors were and try replacing them.  It is possible that some components further down the line are fried and you might need help figuring out what they are and what the correct sanity checks are.  It might be impossible since this amp isn't a DIY design that many people are familiar with, but instead a design that isn't public and would have to be metered out.  But you could ask around in the DIY section or on the DIY audio forums.

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Ouch, that sucks! I would suggest talking with David at Little Dot. If it's not covered under warranty the most you'll have to pay is to and from China (which I know isn't all that cheap). They will pay for parts and labor. 

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Heres some pics of a repair by David @ LD...

from this FS thread:




Looks like this owner also blew a trace that needed a jump over.

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Cool - that helps a lot.

I hope I don't need that jumper wire. Mine doesn't look quite as burned as that one. Now I just need to get the resistor specs. I used to know how to read the resistor colors, but its been about 15 years and I've forgotten all of that.


I emailed David and will see he has to say after looking at the pictures.

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Sure np... hope you get it fixed.  You should be able to wiki resistor color coding, Its there if you look for it.

note also that yours is a version 2.1 board and that other guys is an older 2.0... might want to research the differences there too.


At least yours was an honest mistake... Hows this for dumb.  I stubbornly refused to listen to stability warnings from the DIY experts, and ran 3xOPA327 at low gain in my PPA.  One day the 637 chips went into DC oscillation as a result and cooked my yuin PK1 voice coils.

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Ouch. Well, I went ahead and ordered a replacement, so worst case, I'm back where I was. Best case, I have one for work and one for home ;)

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